By Tonette Apacible Humphries

In the most difficult times in present history due to the pandemic and ECQ, AC Batch 80 stayed true to its resilient form and forged on to be part of the first online Assumption Velada. With only 6 weeks, our section heads committed to the goal: the creation of a production of two songs and a dance. Group practice was online, peeping through our laptops and mobile phones, repeating the dance video instructionals many times over. Practicing the songs, cheering each final dance performance when uploaded; it was wonderful that borderless wifi technology allowed all batchmates from around the globe to participate. It is our most highly participated Velada to date. It showed once again our talents; but more so, the joy of being together through this project as one shining Ruby batch.

“Resilience is the ability to adapt, evolve and surmount challenges, thus reflecting both beauty and stability”

As we adapted and surmounted many challenges made more difficult by the times, we call out the resilience in all of us: as mothers, wives, daughters and now some grandmothers, many homemakers and professionals in our fields. Together we spiral upward, adapt, with stability and strength.

We are the Resilient Rubies: Batch HS80 Assumpta!

2 Replies to “RUBIES 2020 | HIGH SCHOOL CLASS 1980”

  1. Rona Macasast

    ❤🤍 What a nice memento of our batch ’80! I still remember watching Youtube from New York City and for a moment during the dark pandemic times, I saw so much light and happiness seeing all the ladies in our batch sing and dance their hearts out! God Bless Assumption Batch ’80!! xx Rona

    • Ana Singson

      So happy you enjoyed this Rona! We post new articles monthly now so visit AAA website often. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!

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