The San Juan Nepomuceno School, Inc. (SJNS, Inc.) was established by the Maryville Urban Development Foundation (MUDF) on the 25th of August 1969 for the children of the beneficiaries of its housing project in Malibay, Pasay City. The Religious of the Assumption administered the school. SJNS subsisted mainly on donations given by Friends and Alumnae of Assumption College. The school started with a Kindergarten Class, and was given  government recognition in 1973. The first batch of Grade Six students graduated in March 1976.

In 1990, Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) terminated its support to the school. SJNS, Inc. had to search for other means to sustain its operation. In the meantime, students’ population continued to increase despite the limited resources and space. The Department of Education set a limit to the number of students until a more suitable venue could be found to accommodate a growing population. The street where the school was located became a commercial area that made the security of students a major concern. In January 1995, MUDF, with the help of the Philippines-Thailand Province of the Religious of the Assumption, bought a residential lot along Apelo Cruz Extension, also in Malibay, where the school would be transferred. Thus, the San Juan Nepomuceno School, Inc. was born. As required by law,  the MUDF gave birth to the independent policy-making body to oversee the school’s operations. The construction of the new school building was made through the efforts of many people who contributed money, time and effort to raise the required construction cost. The formal transfer of the school took place in June 1996. The school campus housed the 4-storey building, office building and the Religious of the Assumption Convent.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020, challenged San Juan Nepomuceno to discover new expressions of our congregational Charism while remaining faithful to the Philosophy of Education of our Foundress, St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus.

In this state of pandemic, San Juan Nepomuceno School, Inc. offers Modular Learning (MDL) and Online Learning (OL) from Kinder 1 to Grade VI.

Committed to the New Mode of Learning, the core of our curriculum remains to be:


FAITH FORMATION that fosters and nurtures the students’ personal relationship with Jesus

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE for Service that Christianizes the students’ heart, mind

       and actions in order to become more “Person for Others

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY that implies commitment to the social consequences of  

       the Gospel and active participation in the transformation of society.

The Assumption Malibay Sisters giving praise through song! From L to R: Sr. Joy, Sr. Lydia, Sr. Sheryl ( former provincial superior), Sr. Christine and Sr. Lourdes.

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