By Ana de Villa – Singson

Editor-in-Chief, Assumpta Magazine

Co-Chairperson, AAA Website

Proud to Be! AHS 1983

AMORE..love, admiration, friendship!  Especially in these times, we celebrate it!  Love for a spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative, friend.  Even for someone we may not know, we can show compassion and kindness. Love makes the world go around and without it, what is there really?

So in this month’s Assumpta edition, it’s All About Love!

Love …is love for alma mater!  We show it by heeding Assumption’s call, by being the women of faith and action that we were taught to be.  As 2021 closed, Odette ravaged entire provinces and Assumption called on its children.  And we responded beautifully!  Through quick action and magnanimity, we sent aid to Cebu, Palawan, Negros Occidental, many barangays in the storm-ravaged areas.  Also at the end of 2021, we brought Christmas cheer to 3,688 homes, raising over one million pesos for Noche Buena bags filled with goodies and Christmas love.   

Love for Assumption is also exemplified by this month’s Alumna in Focus, Chingay Lagdameo, onetime College Dean, VP for External Affairs.  Her life was and still is dedicated to service of our alma mater. Marlu Villanueva’s “Assumption in Us” recalls an avant garde teacher who presaged online education with her novel TV schooling in Herran.  Love of Assumption is also the heart of a purple-clad mother!  Beloved by many, Sr. Ana Melocoton, RA is toasted and celebrated by her students with love!

Love…we express it through gifts. While every Valentine’s gift is etched in our hearts, I chanced upon  “The Best Valentine Gift Ever!”  It’s a 2004 Valentine gift that Loudette Banson received from her husband, Jan-B. What makes it extra special? It’s a gift that caused a cascade of even more gifts and to this day, 18 years after it was given, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Love…is “emptying one’s self” to discover what truly matters in life.  Ma. Teresa Lopez of HS69 | College 73 pauses to reflect on why the “Lord allowed …evil happenings.”  Reflect with her as she walks with St. Eugenie.

Love…is many spoonsful of delectable cakes inspired by our very own Assumption Tart.  Read about and savor HS99’s Guava Mille Crepe and Guava Cheese Tarts.  The tarts with the tangy guava jelly made my heart sing and just like that…they were gone in a flash!

Love…is Korean Tele Novela…sappy, fantastical, many times predictable, …but we’re hooked nonetheless.  Just for the fun of it, 3 Korean Drama experts :  DJO, the Noon-atics, Marlu Villanueva share their watch lists, commentary and passions for  Korean telenovela. Salanghae everyone!  

Love, in all its incarnations, is hopefully embodied in this edition of “It’s All About Love!”.  Love is powerful!  It can unite the staunchest foes, heal the most painful woes, forgive the most egregious sins, provide stamina to the most weary.  It marks you indelibly and you know it’s love because it makes you better.  Love is everyone and everywhere because the greatest love that can never be surpassed, He is in everyone and everywhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you be the embodiment of love to everyone, everywhere and may Valentine’s Day be everyday for you!

Sending all my love to the Assumption Sisterhood!

 All Hail!

PS — Forgive me ,this once, for this personal expression.  To my 3 men, my ever-patient husband and my darling sons, you are the sun, the moon and the stars of my world.  You are my whole wide world. Happy Valentine’s!

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