ASSUMPTION SOCIO EDUCATIONAL CENTER or ASEC Barrio Obrero, Iloilo has evolved from a community clinic in 1967 to a formal elementary education. Its social development programs were conceptualized to the meet the specific needs of the workingman’s village.

We had remained steadfast despite the huge challenges in terms of financial viability,  We continue to empower the young,  breaking through the rock that imprisons them.   We journey in the lights and shadows, experiencing in our daily struggles how much God love us.  

We have a unique story of transformation.  We have witnessed  the lives of the Barrio Obrero families change from being a notorious community to a Christ-centered one. This transformation was brought about by education and cultivated through social development programs.   The greatest testaments to the community’s transformation are the graduates we produced; among them are educators, leaders, religious men and women and good government officials who continue to serve in the mission to this day.

With our fascination for the Divine, He showed us how the impossible became possible, especially when we finally owned our land after 50 years of fighting with DENR/ Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

We are grateful for the people who continue to support us, believing in this mission.  We are inspired to serve more, to be true children of Saint Marie Eugenie as we fully fix our gaze on the greatest love of all.

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