We are back home! We, high school batch 1991, have come back home to celebrate our Pearl Velada.  

We have returned as women anchored by our batch motto, “My heart is ready.”  During our high school years, our batch was riddled with events which affected us, our families, our communities, the country.  From the internal school constructions which separated our sections in different buildings, to the catastrophic Baguio City earthquake in June 1990, then the Gulf War in January 1991; these were the events which made us miss the traditional school activities like the school fair, senior year retreat in Baguio and even prom night!

Those challenges in our high school years, the colorful events which developed our values for Faith, Service, Resiliency have all made us ready.  Our Silver Velada in 2016 made us rekindle friendships, be more engaged and develop a deeper relationship with each other. It made us focus on our passion and realize what we can do to be Radically Relevant in our times.  

In the past five years, we have taken the world that awaits us, faced the challenge”s in life and created that change in our lives.  We made sure that our ideas and actions were different and more relevant. We have been doing our best to live out St. Marie Eugenie’s mission “to have real IMPACT”.  

As we celebrate our Pearl Velada this 2021, we have prepared songs and videos to reflect what have become of the young ladies who graduated from Assumption High School thirty years ago.   

From Now On 

(original sound track from The Greatest Showman; sung and with lyrics by HS91)

We’re back home, we’re back home… home again!

It’s been 5 years since we were here, we went away and played life’s game.

We ran the race to separate dreams, the pitfalls of the women we became.

For years and years, we chased the cheers,

The crazy speed of always being more, but now we’re back

And see you here, we remember who all this was for…

And we have come back home, we have come back home, home again.

From now on, the AC ninety-one has seen the light

From now on, the Pearls of ’21 will shine as bright, we shine tonight

Let this promise in us start, with Assumption in our hearts…

From now on…

Today, we serve as daughters, mothers, frontliners, leaders.  We chased our dreams and we have become the women we are now, guided by the values of Assumption and St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus. 

Thirty years after graduating from high school, we continue to face the challenges of today.  The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the best and the worst in anybody and everybody. Our batch had supported and served its organizations, communities, families, each other.  We extended services in our personal and professional capacity. 

In our professions as lawyers, doctors, nurses, educators, corporate officers, housewives, public officials, bankers, chefs, entrepreneurs, we take the challenges head on.  We have taken on roles that have affected individuals, families, young children, the elderly, communities and the country. We definitely hope that we have made a positive IMPACT in these spheres. 

Indeed, just as Pearls are formed, the darkness and adversities of these times have made us Resilient.


(originally by Katy Perry; sung and with lyrics by HS91) 

We know there’s gotta be rain if we want the rainbows

And we know the higher we climb, the harder the wind blows

We’ve gone to sleep night after night, worries and sorrows

But we do know the darker the night, the brighter we all glow.

When we fall, we bounce higher, so we all must stick together

Any storm, we can weather, we all become stronger…

Let’s begin a revolution, cuz Love is a resolution

There is nothing that can stop us, oh yeah!

We are Resilient

Born to be brilliant

You’ll see us grow right through the cracks!

We are Resilient

Born to be brilliant

We’re gonna grow right through the cracks!

Equipped with developed values on Faith, Service and Resiliency, we adjusted to the call of the times. As the world was changing, we also needed to make changes in our daily lives.  It was not easy, but we are committed to pursuing our goals for our families, communities, and ourselves. 

As we celebrate our Pearl Velada this 2021, we are excited to perform again! We have come back home in a new format, with the ‘new normal’; but with the enthusiasm and desire to be home in Assumption like never before! 


(song recorded by BTS; sung and with lyrics by HS91) 

Coz Ah-ah-ah … we’re the pearls tonight

We’re gonna LIGHT UP LIFE like the moon at night

Dancing in our forties with a little funk and soul

We’re gonna groove and move with all our might

Because Ah-ah-ah … we’re the pearls tonight

We’re gonna give the love, set our hearts alight


Giving life some impACt with a little funk and soul

We’re gonna light up life like we’re dynamite (whoa

oh oh)

Na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na,

Like we’re dynamite

Na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na, (**)

Like we’re dynamite

Giving life some impACt with a little funk and soul

We’re gonna LIGHT UP LIFE like we’re dynamite!

We look forward to seeing you again in 5 years time. In the meantime, let us to continue giving life some IMPACT and light up life like a dynamite!

We are high school batch 1991. We are this year’s Pearls and we are Resillient!