Cat Arambulo - Antonio

High School 1998

My life is a boundless thread of learning, connecting,
and giving. I never failed to take a step forward in
going the extra mile for those in need. Whether they
may be within or outside of my reach, I strive to not
only answer their call, but also rally others in joining
me to do so. As a resilient woman, who grew up with
strong, passionate women, I aim to use my platform
to bridge others as they extend their helping hands
and create a lasting impact with me by their side
and Christ at our center.

Q: What activities do you think can be introduced to benefit alumnae and AC Mission Schools?

A: With the power of social media ever-growing, I think that maximizing it for networking, encouraging outreach, and rallying others to participate in supporting mission schools will be a great way to reach people within and outside of our community. In addition to that, utilizing this platform doesn’t stop at making connections. We can also create awareness campaigns and is a great platform for fundraisers that can expand accessibility for people in our community.

Q:  What are 1-2 key learnings  from  your Assumption education that molded you into the woman you are now?

A: If there’s something that I’ve taken away from my Assumption education, it is to live with integrity and act with humility, while always keeping God at the center.

Q:  What achievement are you most proud of and why?

A: I’m proud of my grounded resilience and drive in all that I do—my beautiful family and the children I’ve raised, the businesses I’ve created, charities & people I have supported and the missions I’ve accomplished,  through Cat Arambulo Studio Cares.