Andrea Maria Recto - Montenegro

High School 1979

“All my life, I’ve tried to be of service to others, finding a way to be both caring and efficient. That is perhaps why I took up nursing and served as president of my batch.

A single mom, I try living my best life while helping others live their best life too. You will always find me bringing people together, whether in my clan, my batch or among those I work with.”

Q: What activities do you think can be introduced to benefit alumnae and AC Mission Schools?  

A: Something to do with Agriculture. As they need to be self sufficient maybe tools seeds …. Send some volunteers to teach . Maybe they are doing that na. This is for mission schools.

For Alumnae: medical Missions with alumnae doctors and volunteers Donations for medicines supplies etc 

Q: What are 1-2 key learnings from your Assumption education that molded you into the woman you are now?

A: Service and giving back. The YCAP when we’re in high school made me aware of the  other side of things. We had good teachers and good retreats that helped us be solid in our values and virtues. Obedience, humility, simplicity fidelity to duty.

Q: What achievement are you most proud of and why?

A: Being a mother, sister, friend, classmate, servant of the batch 79.

A mother because I was able to raise him as a single mom and I see my son as a fine young man.

I have other stuff but they are quite personal and am not ready to share with too many people.