Jenny Molina Hernandez

High School 1987
College 1989

Q: What activities do you think can be introduced to benefit alumnae and AC Mission Schools?  

A: – We need to continue raising funds to be able to support all the programs/activities of the AAA.

– It is  best to establish programs for the Mission Schools that is sustainable even if we don’t have continuous funds like training of teachers not only academically but also do projects like recycling, backyard planting  etc(something where they can draw income from)

– We need to continue to tap our alumnae so that they are able share their resources and talents. Let’s continue to make everyone involved even after they leave the school grounds—especially the younger generation.

Q:  What are 1-2 key learnings  from  your Assumption education that moulded you into the woman you are  now?

A: That we will be able to rise above all troubles as long as we continue to trust and hold on to our faith.  

Q:  What achievement are you most proud of and why?

A: I can’t think of one particular achievement I am most proud of….My life is my achievement—how I’m living it and how I’m  sharing it with my family and others.