High School 1999

Always Celebrating Friendship. Embraces Self-Care. Employee Motivation and Engagement Promulgator. “Instant Pot Lover” & Making the Most of Instant Pot Cooking. Believes in Pragmatic Positivity.

Q: What activities do you think can be introduced to benefit alumnae and AC Mission Schools? 

– “Dream BIG. Define your own PURPOSE.” – St. Marie Eugenie said: To educate is to transform the world. Aside from the academic teachings learned in schools, the alumnae must be instruments to let the students realize their dream and purpose. The aspirations of students must go about and beyond the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Just like in the corporate world, in HR, we have an annual activity called “Talent Review”.

This is determining the growth potential of employees in an organization. If this can be done to working adults, all the more it is greater to be initiated to students. 

– “Understanding the UNIQUENESS of students”. – Going back to what SME said: To educate is to transform the world. As a parent, I realized that each child has different abilities and I saw that teachers have that kind of understanding about each child. But what about those, who live in far flung areas, like our Mission Schools? Do the teachers have that level of understanding for children, who are neuro-divergent (not neuro-typicals)? Going back to what Cynthia Tinsay-Gonzales said during her “meet your candidate night", it’s the right time to promote inclusive education. It’s a big leap because it’a totally different universe, but it can be a small yet beautiful beginning. 

Q: What are 1-2 key learnings from your Assumption education that moulded you into the woman you are now?

–  “Women of Faith”. – My 17 years of Assumption education made me embrace my own faith and spirituality journey, especially when I was growing up. When we started our retreats, back in Grade 7 (retreat was held in Assumption Antipolo), then when we had it every year in high school plus the countless recollections and even the morning talks, it was my way to have a deep personal relationship with God. As I went through adulthood, my own VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) in life has been inevitable. Short of saying challenges, I have always needed to find my own peace and calm and as cliche as it may sound, I have not been alone. I know that God is there. With the prayers and conversations I have with God, I know that He leads be to the path of peace and serenity. Faith and Spirituality journey goes above and beyond prayers but I appreciate this through the communities that I have been involved, through the years. More importantly, faith must be part of my children’s daily journey. 

– “Women of Action” – From SME’s saying, "I must take positive action even in my small sphere of influence”, this has defined my purpose in life. From my career experience, as a Human Resources Professional, understanding and appreciating people in a work environment is a vocation. It is not easy but the fulfillment is relentless. From intimate 1:1 sessions up to trainings and talks, I would like to believe that I have shown positive action. Even if I have taken a break from the corporate world, focusing on Motherhood (for now), the HR vocation still continuous. As I am currently doing HR consulting works to small-medium enterprises, I would like to believe that I contribute positive actions to their own organizations. From motherhood to the HR vocation, keeping me on my toes is important and I value continuous learning. I am part of the Asia HRM Mentorship Program (I am a mentee, my mentor is from Malaysia), wherein I am connected to other HR professionals across Asia. It’s a great opportunity for me to impart what I have learned & experience in HR, though the years and to learn new things from my HR counterparts. I hope I am contributing positive actions in that sphere. Going back to motherhood, wherein it’s my choice to focus on right now, my children are my small sphere of influence. As God has blessed me with time and positive energy, (f2f schooling of Caio, lots of playtime with Chico and homeschool learning of the two boys) I hope it will be part of their unforgettable memories.  

Q: What achievement are you most proud of and why?

– So many things to put, but there’s one thing that is very close to my heart. Back in DHL Express Philippines, I was given the opportunity to lead and initiate thescholarship program called “UPStairs”. An a global “Go-Tech" initiative by theDeutsche Post DHL, Upstairs provide educational opportunities for children of employees with limited financial resources and potential to excel in their academics. It wasn’t only DHL Express, who’s involved in the program, but also other subsidies:  DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. Though it was a tedious process (receiving of application, evaluating the performance & potential of the parents in the organization and reviewing the scholastic & disciplinary records of their children – In addition of collaborating with other business units), the fulfillment to make a difference to these children’s lives was tremendous. It also made the parents more motivated and engaged in their workplace.  9 years later since UPStairs was launched, I saw the kids grow-up. Some of them finished college already and I still get in touch with the kids. It wasn’t my idea or initiative but because I was given the opportunity to roll this out, I knew that it has a great purpose: to make the kids and parents DREAM BIG.