By Ana de Villa – Singson
Editor-in-Chief, Assumpta Magazine
Co-Chairperson, AAA Website

Proud to Be! AHS 1983

March 10…Happy Feast Day, Mother Foundress!

A few weeks ago, we woke up to a different world.  We woke up to the unbelievable images of Russian tanks rolling into Ukraine.  This unprovoked war, with  Ukraine’s home-made Molotov bombs ranged against  Russia’s oxygen-sucking thermobaric bombs; with husbands, sons, students defending their homes against battle-trained heavily-equipped military forces, the  unfolding David vs Goliath story strikes disbelief and dread.  It’s 2022.  Are we not supposed to be living in a civilized world?  We live in a society with rules of engagement, with standards for community life and yet one man’s megalomania and greed blatantly eschew all the conventional mores of conduct and wreak havoc on the entire world.  We are already feeling the consequences of war.  Overnight, premium gas pump prices went up from Php 70/liter to Php 85/liter, the peso devaluated sharply to 52:1 against the dollar and soon the rippling effect of a single man’s infamy will drive up prices of basic goods and transportation as the poor become poorer and  suffering, already prolonged by Covid, will sharpen even more.

In these distraught times, on the anniversary of St. Eugenie, I try to grasp for wisdom and turn to her teachings. This month is dedicated to our foundress. While preparing for this issue, I realized just how little I know about her life and teachings.  Who was she?  What shaped her beliefs?  In FOUNDRESS AND SAINT, a short compilation on her life, we meet her as a child who blossomed into a woman who passionately believed that education is the cornerstone for transforming society.  In LIFE STORIES…THE ST. MARIE EUGENIE WAY, we pay tribute to the Assumption education that she founded and built, and tracked some of our best and brightest, past Mother Marie Eugenie awardees who recount their life stories guided by SME’s teachings.  This month’s ALUMNA IN FOCUS, PIA HALILI, veteran GMA anchor and newscaster, is a Marie Eugenie awardee herself. It is fascinating and inspiring to see how she navigates the frenetic world of journalism  with Assumption values as her rudder.  Walking with St. Eugenie, we can take it a step further with the timely introduction of a fascinating book CHRONICLES OF A WAYFARER. It traces her sainted footsteps and  takes us on a journey to traverse the world she lived in, the people she met, the events that shaped her vision. 

This world needs a miracle.  We need to believe that through some miracle, hate will turn to love, intolerance to compassion, war will be pacified; that the  impossible, through intense prayer, intercession and faith, can happen.  We have one such miracle in our midst.  The miracle of RISA BONDOC, THE “MIRACLE BABY”, not only cemented the canonization of St. Eugenie, it is concrete testimony that God is Emmanuel, God with us, here and now.

The world, bubbled and isolated for so long, needs joy and community.  AAA’s Committee for Batch Representatives offers you opportunities for fun, learning and friendship.  LET’S GO CLUBBING! We have curated a set of lifestyle and interest Clubs that all AAA members may join.  Cook and bake with the country and Asia’s brightest culinary stars, pour your own aromatherapeutic candle, craft your own cozy and sew up a dress, delve into the Gospels, read literature, declutter and organize, then dance, dance, dance in one of our Clubs.  Held monthly over Zoom, all you need to join is to be an updated  AAA member.  Not yet updated?  Simply pay the Php 500 Annual membership fee and apply to as many Clubs that interest you.  There are no additional joining fees.   We’re excited to GO CLUB-BING with you!  So click to read more about it and APPLY FOR YOUR CLUBS OF CHOICE.

While putting this edition together, immersed in SME’s life and teachings, I cannot help but think that now, more than ever, we are called to be disciples of our Assumption education. I choose to believe that  a single act of kindness, generosity or love, can become a movement if each one of us commits to it.  If a single man can so imperil the world, what can the acts of love, generosity, kindness of so many women do?  It starts with one woman.  Let it start with me.  And with you.  And with everyone whose heart beats plaid and blue. 

Stay safe and healthy!

All Hail!

Editor-in-Chief, Assumpta
Co-Chair, AAA Website

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