Give Back - Just B

By Gladys Santiago Zafra
High School 1999. College 2003

The project sprouted from the passing of Bianca Montenegro, October of 2020. A graduate of Assumption San Lorenzo High School 1999 (and Assumption Grade School 1995), she embodied the school’s holistic and relevant ethos, all throughout her 39 years of existence:

* Sense of identity, compassion and resilience

* Depth not breadth, quality not quantity

* Putting into life responsiveness, empathy and flexibility

* Loving our times and acting RESPONSIBLY


Mrs. Rose Montenegro, Bianca’s dear mother, aims to remember Bianca’s life not only to share wonderful stories about her but also to honor her. “Just B.” is a big way for Mrs. Montenegro, together with Assumption San Lorenzo High School Batch 1999, to give the girls the opportunity to experience Assumption Basic Education’s “transformative learning”. ”Just B.” goes above and beyond Bianca’s attributes. “Live in Faith. Serve with Passion. Grow in Love” is the high school batch motto, which is also aligned to the school commitment.


Overall, “Just B.” will live on St. Marie Eugenie’s words: “Don’t clip their wings, direct their flights”. The batch will guide the scholars in their journey. From the school’s commitment that is

Bianca’s embodiment throughout her life, up to the batch motto, this will strongly define the girls’ purpose.

”Just B.” is a scholarship project, specific to Grades 9-12. This was launched on 01 August 2021. There are three (3) scholars in this project. In accordance with the financing sponsored by Mrs. Montenegro, the scholarships covered yearly tuition from Grades 9 to 12, monthly stipend / allowances, miscellaneous expenses for school requirements.  Selection of the scholars was the purview of Assumption College.

Aside from the financial coverage, mentorship program was facilitated by a few “old girls” from Assumption SLV High School Batch 1999.


The identified scholars were Jasmine Mary Magdalene Jocson, Jaila Palma and Tati Suarez.