Assumption HS Class ‘73 was the last batch of graduates that came from two campuses, Herran and San Lorenzo. Despite some differences in our experiences, the Assumption spirit has kept us connected.

25 years have passed again! That felt like a fleeting moment. We are now the Golden Jubilarians, the second of the milestone batches. Whether we accept it or not, we are literally, “the old girls”. But age is just a number, as they say, and there is still every reason to CELEBRATE our joys, our blessings, and our friendships. For indeed, life is short, and the reason we are still around is to witness the beauty and bountiful blessings life has given us.

We recall that as Silver Jubilarians in 1998, we breezed through the dance steps of our presentation; rehearsed them (no sweat), as we were still in the prime of our lives. That was our first milestone celebration as Quadrans Centennials. It was the year which coincided with the 100th Death Anniversary of Mother Marie Eugenie (1898 – 1998). 1998 also marked the 100th year of the Philippines’ independence from Spain.

We glittered on the stage as we danced to the song, “Singular Sensation”, like the cast of the Broadway Chorus Line. It was a sensational class performance!

From then on, Batch ’73 was the first class to celebrate the Velada every 5 years: Pearl in 2003; Emerald 2008; Ruby 2013; Sapphire 2018, and now 2023, Gold!

Prior to our Golden year, however, the world was on a standstill because of Covid-19. No face-to-face presentations were possible in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Everything was online, via Zoom!

Post Pandemic 2023: We now are emancipated from Covid and the first class to be performing ‘live’ on stage: masks off, after 3 years of online Velada productions.

It is so fortunate of us to be a Class of Firsts. This year will be the first face-to-face Velada performance. Class ’73 takes on the limelight again for its milestone performance as the Golden Jubilarians of Assumption in October, 2023.


Herran Class ’73 has nurtured a variety of callings. The class produced two artists par excellence: Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, for exclusive pottery collections and Lisa de Leon-Zayco for mosaic art. The class also boasts of many, if not the most, graduates who embraced the medical profession namely: Susanna Padilla-Campos (Pediatric Endocrinology), Ma. Victoria Vallarta-Tangco (Rehabilitation Medicine), Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra (The 2008 Outstanding Filipino Physician (TOFP) for her advocacy on Breastfeeding), Rebecca Baylon-Vergara, (Pathology & Cytopathology) Bettina Limjuco (Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Medicine), Agnes Montano (non-practicing MD), Elizabeth La’O-Burke (non-practicing MD), Conchita Sandico-Lo (non-practicing MD), Corazon Villadolid-Trocino + (General Medicine) and Regina P. Pineda + (Internal Medicine-Nephrology).

This class is likewise proud to have a true public servant in the person of Regina Celeste (Bong) Cosio-San Miguel. She has been tirelessly serving her constituents in Barangay Mariana New Manila, Quezon City, for 29 years, as “kagawad” and chairman. Recently, she was recognized and lauded for her untainted performance as Barangay Chairman for 5 terms by a local NGO, “BEST”.

It was quite a challenge to gather and reconnect with classmates from 50 years ago. 2 years ago, the class was invited to come together in prayer every first Wednesday of the month for a Zoom Rosary, which included girls residing abroad. We prayed for various intentions. It was also an avenue to lovingly remember those of have gone ahead of us to the Father’s House recently, Corazon “Connie” Villadolid-Trocino, Victoria Regina “Gina” Pineda, and Victoria “Gina” Gomez.

At the close of 2022 and as the Velada fast approached, an active and dedicated organizer of Herran thought of reaching out to classmates by coming up with small and themed parties every month to encourage bonding. The turnout in these socials was a success. Participants felt the warmth and excitement at the potluck, Chinese New Year (CNY), May flowers, cooking/recipe-sharing, zumba parties and even at the meet-up for the Stations of the Cross. A big shout out to our hosts who made these get-togethers possible.


Our class was a mix of different personalities that got along very well and we cherish wonderful memories of our classmates and high school life. Since graduating, we have all since gone our own ways, raising our families and having different careers in medicine, agriculture, food, arts, education, finance, law and public administration. We are particularly proud of one of our classmates, Socorro “Cookie” Diokno, daughter of Sen. Jose Diokno and human rights advocate, lecturer, writer and professor. She is presently the Secretary-General of FLAG (Free Legal Assistance Group). We also had a classmate who made a mark as an educator, Dr. Elizabeth (Beth Melchor), who served as dean in Assumption College. Her legacy was her autobiography, “Taken by Love, from a Rebellious Youth to a Missionary in China” which serves as an inspiration and guidebook on how to live as a saint.

Martial law left an indelible mark on ACHS San Lorenzo Class 73: a few of our classmates stopped coming to class while many of our classmates wondered what happened to them and why. Some of our classmates belonged to families who supported martial law while a few others endured the detention of their family members in silence. Through fear and uncertainty, we learned the value of respect—respecting one another despite our political differences. We learned the importance of compassion, especially for those less fortunate than we. We clung to our hope, with understanding and faith. Although our individual lives have taken us in different directions, we are thankful to have lived through such trying times and even more grateful to have emerged stronger, kinder, wiser, truer, and blessed by forever fond friendships.

Prior to the pandemic, we started praying the rosary nightly for a very sick classmate. That was three years ago and we have since then been praying the rosary nightly for sick friends and family and for other intentions. Among the people we prayed hard for was Victoria “Victa” Consing-Magcase. After a career as a hard-working lawyer in the Phil International Trading Corp (PITC), she developed an invasive form of cancer. Without a doubt, her competence and integrity made significant contributions to this government corporation and to the country. Our class will miss most especially her vivacious and lively personality.


AC’73 not only celebrates their blessings but shares them with those in need. The Herran girls regularly support The Sanctuary Center, a home for adult females diagnosed as improved mental patients who are abandoned, and cannot be taken care of by families and relatives. San Lo does its outreach by way of feeding projects for street children and the homeless and responding to appeals for assistance in calamity-stricken areas when disaster strikes. We also extend spiritual and financial assistance to our classmates.

All of us who have chosen to actively participate are determined to give our best to make this Golden presentation a success. That includes sharpening our memory banks for the next dance step. There’s simply no room for errors; at least we hope and pray! As the velada closes in, practices will be more exhausting and possibly draining. All of our efforts will be for the love of Assumption, and for the fond memories that we will treasure in the years to come.

We are here to prove that as the Golden Girls of 2023, we are still capable of exuding joy and laughter with our undying spirit to perform for our beloved Assumption. All Hail!