Now on its second year, the Faith & Spirituality and Chapters Committees organized a special project in which Old Girls from all corners of the world led the Assumption community in a weekly rosary. It was heartwarming to see so many alumnae spend an hour together in prayer and contemplate on the theme of a synodal church.


The first Saturday was led by Old Girls from Europe. An informative video was shared on the Synod which gave everyone a chance to reflect on how we can personally “Enlarge the Space of our Tent.” Sr. Ana Melocoton, r.a., beloved advisor of the AAA was also present and opened the weekly rosary. Before praying the rosary on the following Saturdays, we had a chance to listen to special talks on the three dimensions of a Synodal Church. Sr. Lory Mapa, r.a. (HS51, Coll55), and Mimil Manosa-Rosales (HS82) led the ladies from the US by first sharing a reflection on a Space of Communion. The following week, Sr. Gertrude Borres, r.a. (HS65), Kristine Song Heng Nuestro (HS90), and Nina Gonzalez-Carpio (HS84) gave a wonderful reflection a Space of Communion before the alumnae from Canada led us through the Luminous mysteries. Then on the last week, Sr, Deanna Combong, r.a. shared with us her personal reflection on a Foundation of Mission before we were led by the Old Girls from Australia, New Zealand, and various parts of Asia through the Glorious mysteries.


The weekly rosary gave everyone an opportunity not just to pray together but also to catch up with old friends from all over the world. It also helped ignite new connections among Old Girls! We are truly happy, our hearts are full, that OGs residing in Europe are planning a get together in London. The US just had a successful retreat and are planning more activities and Christmas parties together. The alumnae in Canada are already in talks in uniting to become One AAA Canada Chapter. Our prayer leaders in Melbourne have already met up for a picnic! 


We hope that our active Alumnae all over the world, encourage more to become active, to live out what St. Marie Eugenie said – “Everyone of us had been given a mission: to bring the Father’s Kingdom to the lives of others.”

[Europe] October 7: The rosary on the first Saturday of October was led by Old Girls from all over Europe, spanning from the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Austria.

[USA] October 14: We thank Mia Bantug-Locsin (HS84) for gathering the Old Girls from all over the US as ladies from California, Philadelphia, Washington, Virginia, New York, Chicago, Texas, etc., led us through the Sorrowful mysteries.

[Canada] October 21: Thank you to the president of AAA-BC (British Columbia), Maricelle Lim (Coll72) for bringing together the OGs from Vancouver, and to the rest of our volunteers from Toronto, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, and Victoria.

[AU|NZ|Asia] October 28: It was nice to see young ones (HS2014) join the Old Girls from Auckland, New Zealand, various parts of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth), Jakarta, Indonesia and Seoul, South Korea lead us through the Glorious mysteries.