The Giving Month
February 6 – March 10
Investing in the Future of Women Leaders

Assumption College San Lorenzo, a place where young women are empowered to become transformative leaders, is excited to announce its first-ever Giving Month, held in honor of the Feast Day of our Foundress, St. Marie Eugenie, on March 10, 2024.


For over a century, Assumption College has provided exceptional education to women from all walks of life. Our graduates are making a difference in the world as doctors, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

But the need for transformative education is greater than ever, and the recent pandemic has only underscored this truth. Assumption College San Lorenzo stands as a beacon of stability in a shifting landscape, but our ability to remain a pillar of strength for future generations rests on a crucial foundation – the Assumption Forever endowment fund.


The pandemic exposed the fragility of many institutions, highlighting the importance of long-term stability and resourcefulness. At Assumption, we faced unprecedented challenges—shifting learning modalities, financial strain, and anxieties among our students and families. Yet, we navigated these storms with the grace and strength instilled in our students, the dedication of our faculty, and the unwavering support of our community.


However, to truly thrive in the face of future uncertainties, we need an endowment that acts as a safety net, a source of strength that ensures our transformative mission endures. The Assumption Forever fund is not just about scholarships and programs; it’s about building a resilient school, one that can weather any storm and continue empowering women to become the leaders our world needs.

Every contribution to Giving Month strengthens this vital lifeline. Your gift fosters financial stability, allowing us to attract and retain top-notch faculty, invest in innovative technology, and adapt to unforeseen challenges. It secures our ability to provide scholarships to deserving students, regardless of economic hardship, and ensures continuity of our transformative programs even in times of crisis. By focusing our efforts this month, we maximize impact.

Together, let’s honor St. Marie Eugenie’s dream of empowering young women by supporting Giving Month. Here are ways you can participate:

Special Events:

February 6th: Honorable Senator Loren Legarda visits Assumption College San Lorenzo to make a donation. Join us as we welcome our distinguished guest and advocate for education!


Throughout February: Love Speaks Event: Our college guidance team hosts a month-long event with proceeds directly supporting Giving Month. Enjoy delicious treats and support a worthy cause!

March 1st & 2nd: BED School Fair: Show your school spirit and support Giving Month as our BED students organize their annual fair. A portion of the earnings will go towards the endowment fund.

February 17, College Open House: Discover the opportunities and scholarships available at Assumption College during our College Open House. Learn how your contribution can support the education of deserving young women.

Make a Difference:

Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. There are many ways you can support Giving Month:

Donate online: Click here to make a secure online donation. (link:

Mail a check: Please make checks payable to “Assumption College Inc. ” and mail them to:

Assumption College
San Lorenzo Drive
San Lorenzo Village
Makati City 1223

Give in person: Visit the External Relations and Development Office on campus to make a donation in person.

By investing in the Assumption Forever fund, you’re not just supporting exceptional education; you’re building a legacy of resilience, a beacon of hope that empowers women to navigate any uncertain future and become the architects of a more equitable and compassionate world. Join us this Giving Month in celebrating St. Marie Eugenie’s vision and building a future where transformative education continues to thrive, no matter the storms that may come.