High School 1982

I retired from Philippines Airlines last March 1, 2020, after 34 years of service. Retired but definitely not tired! I enjoy staying home for a change, but I find time to go out with friends. Aside from trying hard to be a good Mom to my two grown-up children (three, in-cluding my husband), I keep my-self busy sorting, re-packing and sending out donated items (most-ly from the US) to schools/com-munities (in the Philippines) who need children’s books, clothes or educational toys. I dream of organizing community service & eco tourism (for some R&R after charity) within the Philippines. This was my plan when I retired but COVID came. In God’s time . . . I continue to HOPE.

Q: What activities do you think can be introduced to benefit for the alumnae:

– activities/recollections to make us more aware of St. Marie Eugenie?

– talks/seminars on health & wellbeing 

– Alumnae Fund Raising Activities eg. Online Art Auction like the MagnificArt Project &/or Outreach Projects, also so a mix of batches can get to know each other more (bonding for a CAUSE) for AC Mission Schools:

– visiting AC Mission Schools, knowing how else we can help or who among the (8) schools need more assistance?

– how we can better assist/give support to the nuns assigned in the Mission schools.

Q:  What are 1-2 key learnings  from  your Assumption education that moulded you into the woman you are now?

A: the virtue of FAITH and the value of SIMPLICITY.

Q:  What achievement are you most proud of and why?

A: Is surviving LUNG CANCER an achievement?  IF YES, then I can say I am a proud survivor.  I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Lung Cancer in 2019 and shortly after, in 2020 had a recurrence, same cancer. And any cancer recurrence makes the patient an automatic Stage 4 (I skipped Stage 3 – sigh).  This is an achievement for me because I continue to live my life happily, no bitterness and hopefully, no depression ever.  I took it as an opportunity for me to become closer to our God, and to His Mother.  I learned to appreciate praying the Rosary.  What I am most proud of is, with God’s mercy, cancer did not get the best of me.  I made (and still trying to make) the best of me shine.  I am happy and excited everyday, as soon as Heaven wakes me up!  I am confident that Jesus, my Simon of Cyrene, helps me carry my Cross.  No reason to be sad but have every reason to be grateful & that’s my greatest achievement.