By Dr. Ola Regala
Preface by Ana de Villa Singson

Assumption San Lorenzo, the school we grew up in, the home we go back to as jubilarians and Old Girls, the center from which we go forth to become women of faith and action, scattering to all corners of the world.


Assumption San Lorenzo, home of basic education plus the only Assumption College to be found anywhere in the world. This is our school. It is easy to think of Assumption San Lorenzo as privileged. Its buildings are gracious, its walkways serene. The campus itself is walled in an exclusive village enclave. But our school is in need. Its privileged status is a misconception. And this became glaringly clear during the pandemic when spiraling administrative, logistical and operational expenses never ceased even when revenues and the ability to generate revenues dried up.


Hence the birth of Assumption Forever, an endowment fund envisioned to ensure that our alma mater has room to breathe and absorb the shocks of unforeseen circumstances; to ensure that scholars are never defunded, that we can in fact continue to have more scholars not only in basic education but also crossing over to tertiary education. Its name is eponymous with its mission, to make sure that the legacy continues. Our school is calling, a clarion call for help. This is clearly now our mission. ASSUMPTION….FOREVER.,

“Young people are the roots from which will spring Christian families, and from these families will come others. And, if a new generation comes forth from our teaching, we shall have truly worked for the coming of the reign of Jesus in society.” SME Since 1958, Assumption College in San Lorenzo has welcomed thousands of young women who receive a learning experience that is uniquely Assumption. Inspired by St. Marie Eugenie, we passionately form persons and communities of faith and action through transformative education that:


– nurtures faith and spirituality

– pursues academic excellence for service

– instills social responsibility

The pandemic presented an opportunity to rethink our education system and reshape it to fit the challenges of the twenty-first century. As needed, we shifted gears as part of our commitment to an inclusive, abilities-based education that develops skills and “character for life and a life for God.”

Ability-based learning builds resilience, and resilience is critical in designing education.

We develop the PRIME LIFE ABILITIES informed by our CORE VALUES, so students can flourish and be women of influence in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous future. They are mentored to develop the skills of Critical Thinking & Discernment, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Leadership, Empathy, National & Global Citizenship, and SelfDirection. While you may find that one or all of these skills are central to education in other schools, in ours these are grounded in the AC Core Values: Awareness, Commitment, Kindness, Simplicity, Integrity, Oneness, Respect for Nature, which form an unwavering foundation in the midst of the realities of life.


During the pandemic, Assumption lost its sources of supplemental income – rentals of the Sports center, MRA, Henry Sy rooms, Bookstore, Cafeteria concessionaire, and others. Nevertheless, we had to spend more – maintaining the campus, termite extermination and prevention, and equipment and necessities for online learning – all these to ensure the delivery of the transformative education our students deserve. We relied on our savings, but now, we need to be prepared for risks in the future; to be resilient – hence, the Assumption Forever Mixed Endowment fund was formed.


Why does Assumption College need a mixed Endowment Fund?

Establishing an endowed fund guarantees perpetual funding to students and programs, and ensures long-term growth and stability for the college. Assumption Forever Endowment fund supports five programs 

– Scholarship funds for BED and HED students 
– Facilities for a Laudato Si community with upgraded and enhanced infrastructure, facilities, and information technology systems 
– Quality Education Programs for faculty and staff workshops, training, and research 
– Marie Eugenie Institute (MEI) for faculty and staff formation 
– Solidarity Program of  Assumption (SPA) for financial, medical, and other aid needed by the faculty and staff.


Assumption Forever will allow Assumption San Lorenzo to make commitments far into the future, knowing that the resources to meet those commitments will continue to be available. Assumption Forever’s vision is for a stronger and more resilient Assumption College San Lorenzo that will consistently and continually provide transformative Assumption education for women servant leaders.


As “Old Girls,” we exemplify what is possible with an Assumption education. We have discovered that sharing one’s time, talents, and treasures is a powerful pathway to finding purpose, transcending difficulties, and finding fulfillment and meaning in life. As it is when each of you were here, Assumption San Lorenzo remains a powerful transformative experience for our students. So different, of course, in so many ways, but steadfastly at our core is the AC vision and mission.


When you give to an endowed scholarship, you are making a personal and immediate impact on the lives of our Assumption students and providing a legacy for future generations. Education can be the catalyst needed to pull families and communities out of poverty. Knowledge gives children the power to dream of a better future and the confidence to pursue a complete education.


To quote our dear foundress:

In our mission of education, our first duty is to enlighten the mind with faith… Form the youth in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. SME

There is much to be thankful for and look forward to. The Assumption College community can look back on more than 60 years of transformative education, characterized by the exemplary achievements of our alumnae and the continued support from those who believe that every daughter deserves an Assumption education.