By Ana de Villa – Singson

AAA CLUB-BING IS BACK!  Designed to bring alumnae together to learn in a happy and fun way, we have brought back some of your favorite clubs from 2022 and are introducing new ones too.  Back are the AAA COOKING & BAKING CLUB with it’s stellar line up of top chefs plus barista and table scaping sessions too.  By popular demand, the CRAFTS CLUB comes back with Crochet 101, Intermediate Crochet and Water Color Painting.  New clubs are MOVEMENT CLUB (Yoga, Dance ++), GADDABOUT “LAKWACHAN” CLUB ( Visit. See. Taste. Savor the sights and flavors of nearby places…Pampanga is our first stop in August) and the OUTREACH CLUB ( teach grade schoolers in Assumption San Juan de Nepomuceno in Malibay basic English. No need to have any teaching background…just speak conversational English.  All materials will be provided.  This starts in  August, Fridays from 1:30-3: 30 p.m.  More details will follow!) 

It’s so easy to join.  

1.  Open to all updated AAA members. Not yet an updated member?   Simply  send payment of the PHp 500 AAA annual membership fee to AAA GCASH No: 09275725176.  Or, you can deposit to our Union Bank account with details:
Account Name: The Assumption Alumnae Association, Inc
Account No: 034030018335
Bank Name: UnionBank 

Don’t to forget to send proof of payment to (email) and Viber to 

0917-8081880 (aaa finance) and 0917 5372066 (Ana S).  PLEASE INDICATE AAA CLUB-BING WHEN SENDING PROOF OF PAYMENT. 

2.  Seniors from Batch 82 and earlier are exempted from paying the AAA annual membership fee.  

3.  Cost of live classes will be divided among attendees.  Room rental fee (if any) and cost of ingredients will be divided equally among live participants. Seniors will also have to participate in the fees for live participation.   There are no fees for zoom participation during a weekday.   Rest assured, any live fees will be kept to a minimum and will be charged at cost only, just a fraction of what you would pay for similar classes elsewhere!

4. To register for AAA Club-bing, simply scroll down and choose your club/s.  Schedules and more details will be emailed or sent via Viber once you are registered. 

5.  Some classes will be live, some will be via zoom only while some will be hybrid with both face to face and zoom participation.  

It is understood that joining a Club means that you will be automatically enrolled in the Club’s Community Viber Group.  All information about the club, schedules, recipes, materials, videos, et al will be posted here.  

We are very excited to see you in one of our Club-bing sessions!  Come and join us live and face to face if you can!  It will be wonderful to meet and greet and reconnect!  
See you soon!