PEARL: HS 1992

The Pearls, HS Class of 1992: We Remember

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” – R.J. Palacio, Wonder

Now, 30 years after graduating from the hallowed hallways of Assumpta Hall, the Class of 1992 are Pearls. Many of us cannot believe it has already been five years since we first experienced the priceless bond of Velada as Silvers. By reconnecting with old classmates, reigniting the spirit of that high school Assumption girl in each and every one of us, working together to raise money for our beloved alma mater, and staging a stellar live two-day performance we never thought we could do, Velada has recemented our sisterhood friendships and given us memories that will last a lifetime.

There was, of course, the two-year blip, the uncertainty, and the chaos of a worldwide pandemic. Only now, in the slightly less tumultuous times of 2022, are we able to gather up the pieces of the aftermath, and we resonate more than ever with our batch motto, “Deus Solus” (“God alone”). 

Pearls are symbolic of the wisdom gained through experience, and we felt the need to reconnect to hope and light. In line with this year’s Jubilarian theme “Give BACk,” our batch has chosen the subtheme, “Give Kindness.” Assumption, through its teachings of St. Marie Eugenie, has ingrained in all of us to be kinder to others – not only to friends and family – but especially to the less fortunate and mankind as a whole. 

In 1990, Assumption sent us on immersion to one of our mission schools, San Simon. Thirty-two years later, we chose to return to San Simon to give back. We gave kindness to 100 students through medical wellness check-ups, dental cleanings, and a literacy activity: reading the St. Marie Eugenie book, Best Friends Forever written by our batchmate, Ines Bautista-Yao.

Batchmate Pia Alpapara-Pulido trained San Simon’s Reading teachers and will assist them this school year with their reading curriculum. For the school, we donated four computers, books, and anti-Covid medical kits for the teacher and students. 

Those of us who participated in the activity were moved to tears. First, to witness San Simon’s development since we first visited as high school sophomores to the school it is today, we realized donations from Velada jubilarians like us create such an incredible difference in the school, education, and lives of its students. Next, to see so many children together dressed in their Sunday best, as it was their first time to go back to school in person in two years. Last but not least, the outpouring of gratitude from the children and teachers for visiting them warmed our hearts and made us feel good for giving kindness together as a batch.

As we celebrate our Pearl year, we look back, and remember:

To give kindness.

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