AC San Lorenzo Class of 1997 will be the first batch to hold a hybrid Velada — with Silvers on-site for a brunch affair at Assumpta Court, while the show is viewed online by fellow jubilarians and the rest of the alumnae around the world. 


We are constantly guided by our batch motto, “Nothing without FAITH. Never without PASSION.”

In 1997, we felt that this motto fully embodied our batch. As written in our yearbook — Our FAITH:

  • Allows us to see God’s hand working in our lives
  • Is the rock within us that does not allow us to crumble in the face of disappointment
  • Is the force that spurs us to pursue God’s will and bring out the goodness in others
  • Is the assurance of God’s loving presence in our day-to-day lives
  • Is our bind in the midst of adversity

Our faith in God leads us to believe in ourselves and in what we can do with PASSION.

  • It is the zest for life and living life to the fullest
  • Giving our all and striving for excellence
  • Turning obstacles into stepping stones for success
  • Learning and drawing strength from Christ’s passion
  • Looking into the future with hope and determination

This is truly the gift of the Assumption education. When we graduated in 1997, we felt ready to share that gift with others.

Our batch has kept in touch rather well. We had batch reunions on our 10th year, as well as 15th and 20th years out of high school. Each time we gathered as a batch, we always had two main objectives: to get together and nurture the sisterhood we formed in Assumption, and to raise funds while at it. 

We held an Art for a Cause auction party, where we partnered with local artists, and we’ve sold many different items such as jackets, watches, book sleeves, loungewear sets, and many more. For each project, a percentage goes to the batch Velada fund, which is meant for AAA beneficiaries, most especially the mission schools.


Around five years ago, when we started discussing our batch theme, it was almost a unanimous decision on what it would be, and that is to GIVE BACK.

We said it’s because — As Assumption students, we were educated to be women of faith and women of action.

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