ACHS82 celebrates 40 years since high school, comfortable and happy in our own skin. Most of our children are working or almost finished with school, we are happy with our careers or newfound hobbies, our relationships have either survived…or not. Always, the biggest struggle is in making the hard decisions, as they determine who we are and where we stand.  But through it, we are together. And together, we rise!

We rise and we remember. Quid Retribuam Domino, etched on our rings and more permanently, in our hearts. What Thanks Can I Render Thee? We are thankful for the sisterhood we share, no matter where we are in the world. We are thankful for the time we have together, for the food we share, as well as the fun and much too loud laughter.  We are grateful for our bodies, in very diverse shapes, sizes and abilities, for these able bodies allow us to dance and through our dance, tell our story.

RUBY is RISING and we are rising together! Our story is one where setbacks, big or small, thankfully turn into hope, gratitude, compassion and joy. Indeed, for ACHS82 there is no better time to be a Rubylarian.

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