The 2022 Emeralds Assumption Convent High School Class of 1967

The milestones of our class coincided with important events in the Assumption.  Our Silver Jubilee in 1992 was the one hundred years of the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption in the Philippines.  Our Velada integrated the Ruby (HS 1952), Gold (HS 1949) and Diamond (1932) in one presentation.  Mothers Angela, Rosario and Candida were the Diamonds that year. The significant contribution of our class was the production and publication of “Sing for Joy” written by Mother Carmen Reyes, ra.  In the same year the Marie Eugenie Institute was created as the “Significant Act” of the Congregation to mark the jubilee.  Mother Carmen Reyes, r.a. and our classmate Stella “Chinit” Delgado-Rufino were appointed as co-chair of the Institute.

In 2007 Mother Foundress was canonized St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus! It was a blessed celebration of Assumption throughout the world.  Assumption communities from 5 continents converged in Rome to witness and celebrate the event.  And, guess what, it was our Ruby Jubilee!

Ten years later in 2017, the Assumption world celebrated the bi-centennial of the Assumption foundresses, St. Marie Eugenie and Mother Therese Emmanuel. 

We celebrated our Gold in the same year.  We published another book “Assumption A to Z” written by our classmate Maria Lourdes “Lui” de Vera.  This book highlights Assumption traditions, customs, events, people and more.

As laughter is the best medicine, we choose to GIVE LAUGHTER to all! We laugh at our mistakes, our jokes (even if corny) and we laugh at ourselves as we LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH.   – -Dida Cosio-Salita

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