By Carmella Gana – Araullo

For many many years now, my family and I have always done “Secret Santa”.  We would write in a pad paper (yes, circa 80’s) our wishlist so that our daddy’s and/or mommy’s can purchase something we actually really want to receive.  I would write down insane wishes like, Beach house, travel around the world and of course one or two that was within the budget.  Thanks to technology, we now use this APP called Sneaky Santa.  It randomly generates your “baby” for you and the best part, our families abroad can also join (thank you Amazon, shopee, lazada).  oh, I still put outrageous requests there! 🙂

We start off by choosing one person (out of 24) to start the gift giving and we guess who their babies are by giving a brief description of the person.  This is perfect for our ever growing family (34 and counting)!  This is followed by lots of eating and our annual Christmas family photo!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter and surrounded by the people you love.

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