by Tes dela Paz

This year, more than before, I can sense more genuineness and authenticity when people greet each other with wishes of great health, love from the people who mean most to us and prosperity. Must be my age? For sure, this came about as an impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic.

It is easy to take our blessings for granted especially if our routinary lives provided more than the basic necessities. No one was prepared with the coming of CoVID-19. As it was said, the pandemic was a great equalizer that even those who can afford the best of healthcare were not spared from its deadly impact.

The pandemic brought about wide-ranging impact through 2020-2021 in all industries and businesses. The economic and social disruption caused devastating results with tens of millions of people falling into extreme poverty while the number of hundreds of millions of undernourished people has further increased.

How many friends and family members have we lost at the height of the pandemic? How many more unnamed people succumbed to the virus? How many passed on because they could not afford the very high-cost hospitalization and medication?

On the other hand, CoVID 19 also brought to light the things that mattered most. It changed the way we communicate, heightened our care for others and, it forced people to make healthier choices. We also valued more our mental wellbeing that pushed more conscious balance in our work & personal lives.

Yes, building genuine relationships and the desire to stay connected & help each other sustained our humanity throughout the darkest moments. And that’s the anchor of my Christmas wish.

For all to thrive and flourish in a world full of genuine peace and authentic love from the people who mean most to us, to stay prosperous so we may a vessel of hope and blessing to others and be of great health so we may continue to be the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate!

These wishes I sincerely and humbly offer to all in this Season of Joy.

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