By Marie Young

That my tribe of grandchildren increase. 

For almost 3 years our lives have been turned upside down with covid.  We have lost too many friends and relatives because of this terrible disease, missed milestone events, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, graduations and even time to grieve and condole with families who have lost a ‘love one’.  We have had to seclude ourselves from friends and families and resort to keeping connected through zoom and other means of technology.  Family is very important to me and this Christmas season will be a time to re-connect and to spend time with everyone in our family. 

My wish is just to have my family around me, to spend time together and enjoy my grandkids and hopefully get news of new ones on the way.  My wish is to be able to freely do the things I love.

To spend more time With my siblings and parents and family

To be able to travel with my whole family and create more happy memories… this year is special as it is our 40th wedding anniversary.

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