By Dr. Clarissa “Chinkey” Velayo, M.D.

More time…
…to play with my nieces
…to talk to my nephews
as Christmas is for children and I have so many old games to teach and stories to tell.

More time…
…for the things I have been putting aside throughout the year but really need to get to
…for the hobbies I have neglected
as Christmas is a break from work and a sacred protected time.

More time…
…to be with family while the sun is out, not just before and after work hours.
…to reflect and be quiet to regain spiritual and mental strength for the coming year
as Christmas is a self-retreat with Christ as the retreat master.

This year I want to consciously hold Christmas in slow motion…
…not do any whirlwind mad shopping
…not race around from place to place and sit in traffic
…not join zoom parties while multitasking

This year I want to make Christmas meaningful
…give thanks and pray more
…appreciate traditions more
…and not wake up on the first day of work in 2023 wondering where did the time go but how it was well spent, and how I am ready for the new year.

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