AAA’s Noche Buena Program

AAA’s Noche Buena Program is actually the brainchild of the Concepcion Industries Corporation (CIC) sometime in mid-year 2020.   Moved by the plight of many Filipinos during the pandemic, CIC wanted to reach out and help.  The result is the “Be The Light” Noche Buena Program. 

CIC tied up with Project Pearls, an NGO whose “mission is to help the poorest of the poor” and from there, the program spread to employees, suppliers and friends until it reached AAA.  AAA was quickly joined by AC and the San Lorenzo BED Family Council.

2022 marks AAA’s 3rd year with the Noche Buena Program.  This year, the AAA aims to provide simple Noche Buena fare to some 2,900 families from communities in Baguio, Boni, Malibay, Samar and San Simon and to AC San Lorenzo’s auxiliary personnel.

Inspite of the call for donations for those affected by Typhoon Paeng, the AC spirit of generosity lives.  Donations are flowing and we are closing in on our target to bring Christmas joy and festivity to 2900 homes this Christmas! 

Be part of this Program and bring the Christmas spirit through the noche buena tradition to a family! Counting down to 2, 900 happy families this Christmas…join us and give a Noche Buena Gift Pack…or two..or three..or more!!!

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    Our small group of friends from HS 61 class decided to forgo our exchange gift giving this year. Instead we gave what would have spent in buying something for each other and give this instead to a worthy cause. One is the construction of the Ephesus House in Alfonso Cavite thru Fr Vic Apacible, and the other to AAA thru the Noche Buena Program..

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