By Carmella Gana – Araullo

Monette Quiogue

For 6 years, the AAA has been blessed with a larger-than-life presence of one Monette Quiogue, you can’t miss her with her short colored hair and gregarious personality that is simply infectious.

She was an ever-supportive Vice president to then President Marlu Balmaceda and was the chair for the jubilarian Committee for as long as one can remember.  She was someone we could always count on to help at any event, may it be for concept, insights, or even the ones where one had to stay up the whole night measuring stall spaces (thank you insomnia).

She is an advertising and marketing genius, who can come up with themes and materials in a blink of the eye.  Her creativity and intellectual capacity are gifts that allow her to have the memory of an elephant. With that trait she can store so much information that , I have made her my personal Google.

She is the life of any party, always was quick with witty remarks and had creative ideas for party games that made her the best Host and game master one can find.  She has hosted the “Meet Your Candidate’s Night” which gave the alumnae a good insight on our aspiring new candidates for AAA’s board.  She never fails to entertain to make everyone feel at ease and has the ability to make people laugh with her. She can come up with new fun ideas to make something ordinary, special.  There was never a dull moment when Monette was around.

She is everyone’s favorite. The faith and spirituality committee will surely miss her (haha).  I will definitely miss being your side kick.  Thank you, Monette, for sharing your time and talents. The AAA Board and I are grateful for your generosity.

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