By Nina Huab Cruz

Sr. Remedios was my guardian angel as I was going to attend a FALIA seminar in Tokyo then.

My first solo international trip so I had some worries with the Japayukis & Yakuza trend at that time. As we were bringing Bambi to school then, I saw Sr. one morning and remembered she was based in Japan. I approached her and told her I would be in Japan soon. She gave me her phone # and invited me to stay in the convent for a few days. I felt better about the trip after that 🙂

A few months after, in Manila, we got in touch and she mentioned needing a ride for an overnight stay in Los Baños hot springs for her knee.

I just got a new car then and started to drive by myself. Another first, driving out of Manila but assured of being safe with Sr. as my passenger ❤️🙏

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