Proud to be! HS 83

Happy Mother’s Day! I am the very proud mother of Manuel and Gabriel!

Happy Mother’s Day!  It’s a  greeting I extend to all women…with children or without!  Because all women are mothers!  Do we not nurture, do we not love, do we not make life a better place just by doing what women do…the unconscious and often automatic and unrecognized sacrifice of self to make others happy:  spouses, siblings, friends, people we know…even those people we do not know.  Womanhood is motherhood…because our acts of care and love give birth to more acts of care and love, the very fuel which makes home, hearth…the world a much better and happier place!   So…Happy Mother’s Day to all women!  And as a special shoutout to my 2 darling sons , Manuel and Gaby, pictured with me above, I love being your mom!  And I love you as much as the whole wide world!  You (and your dad!) are my whole wide world! 

This month, we are doing something very new.  We are pioneering sponsorships for each edition of Assumpta; but it’s not the kind of sponsorship aligned with donations of cash or kind.  Sponsorship, in this case, refers to an alumnae batch sponsoring an edition by providing the stories that get published  in our magazine.  And Batch HS 1983 is our very first Assumpta sponsor! 

High School Batch 1983 is Assumpta’s first ever “sponsor”. This year’s Ruby Jubilarians, wearing all shades of red!

The idea came from a batch reunion.  We are the Ruby jubilarians this year.  Dressed in all shades of red (beribboned tall red shoes for me since I was in black, still deep in mourning for my recently-departed youngest and beloved brother, Martin) we played an ice breaker   game of “How Well Do You Know Your Classmates?”  It was a guess who this is game.  As it turned out, many of us did not know the hidden gems in our batch, the  gems whose stories we proudly share with you now.  They are the young girls we grew up with, whose stories and lives are so intertwined with our own.  We share these stories not to be boastfdul, though we are incredibly proud of them.  We share them so that they might inspire, ignite, make us dig deep and find the gems in each and every one of us.  And as I looked around at all the familiar faces, I knew with certainty, that each one of us has stories to tell;  stories both great and small…all of them stories of love, compassion and more importantly, action.  They are  stories of women doing what women do, stories of mothers….as I contend…with children or not!  Because when we open our hearts, we brave anything, scale the unscalable heights   and  move mountains when we want to.  We are each a gem with beautiful stories to tell. 

So welcome to the stories of High School Batch 1983.  Read them, enjoy them…then make more stories of your own.  

We are Proud to Be!  HS 1983!

All Hail!

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