Alumna in focus: ROSARIO JUAN

Rosario Juan, coffee lover and entrepreneur, uses her business to share her passion for coffee and to give back to her community.

Rosario “Ros” Juan is a third generation entrepreneur who always dreamed of opening her own cafe. She interned for a coffee company as a teen and has since been immersed in the realities of the Philippine Coffee Industry. She has spent more than half her life in coffee, working in marketing,  communications, community engagement and store operations in Manila, Philippines and in Shanghai, China.

Ros took a brief hiatus from the coffee world to do pioneering work in the local digital advertising industry, launching corporate campaigns and social media for social good initiatives. In 2013, she returned to her first love, coffee, and finally opened her own cafe, Commune. Ros still dreams of the day when Philippine coffee will be internationally-recognized. She is a volunteer of the Philippine Coffee Board and a member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

Since the pandemic, Ros helped launch and operate Frontline Feeders Philippines and grow the “Coffee Home Brewers” community, now 56,000 members strong. She was selected to join the Meta Community Accelerator Program in 2022.

With her busy schedule as a social media strategist, cafe operator, coffee roaster, she is happily married to Raffy Celestial and a cat lover. She has a weekly livestream, “The Brew Tonight,” where she talks about coffee over coffee.

Juan Family abroad

With the milestones and achievement in her business and in the community, her family has been her source of strength. Her father, Sonny Juan, has been her staunch adviser, in leading and operating her business. Her brothers, Raffy and Rommel, also provide sound advises in running a business. Running “gold white and blue through and through”, her mother, Rosario “Charito” Juan (ACHS 1956) and Rowena “Rowie” Juan Matti (ACHS 1984) are Assumption Old Girls. To add more plaid family flair, all her nieces are AC Girls.

Commune Café + Bar located in Makati - Ros' Brain Child Commune believes in the need to continuously enhance the organization in order to fulfill its objective of promoting Philippine coffee and cultivate more conversations and grow the “Commune community”.
Ros's Coffee Farm visit in Baguio, November 2022

The possibilities are endless for Ros and her campaign towards the success of Philippine Coffee. More than strengthening the coffee community nationwide, it has been her advocacy to further widen the source of Philippine coffee all across the country. Together with Philippine Coffee Board, Inc., she goes around the country to develop and promote the Philippine coffee industry through technical assistance and credit programs for coffee farms; and through marketing and promotions of coffee for domestic and export markets. These include research/training, certification and credit programs are carried out in partnership with government agencies, cooperatives, foundations, NGOs, as well as regional and international partner organizations.

Ros raffling off prizes for CHB.
Ros with Ton Concepcion of SMEG Philippines

Ros also champions Philippine Coffee through her platform, Coffee Home Brewers (CHB). What began as a Facebook page swiftly evolved into a dependable channel for discussing coffee and honing home brewing techniques. This community transformed into a hub of knowledge, guiding individuals on sourcing quality coffee and mastering the art of preparation. Viral posts directing enthusiasts to coffee roasters and bean vendors triggered an extraordinary surge in the group’s popularity. Presently, it stands as a vibrant and invigorating gathering of approximately 55,000 members hailing from both the Philippines and across the globe. The group has even established themed days such as Trade Tuesdays, a unique occasion where members engage in buying, selling, and sharing their “brewdol” passion for beans and equipment.

Ros with her sister, Rowie Juan Matti (ACHS 1984), her sister-in-law, Pauline Suaco Juan, and nephews

In a world that often rushes past the simple joys, Ros stands as a beacon of inspiration, blending her passion for coffee with her entrepreneurial spirit to not only elevate the status of Philippine coffee but also brew positive changes in her community. Through her unwavering dedication and innovative approach, she has managed to stir up a potent blend of success and impact. Ros’ journey is a testament to the fact that with the right blend of determination and heart, anyone can percolate their passions into meaningful endeavors. As she continues to grind her way forward, her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, life’s most fulfilling moments can be found in a single cup – or in her case, a cup full of dreams and a shot of kindness.

Upon brewing and percolating kindness and dreams, giving back to aspiring coffee shop owners has been Ros’ ultimate movement in paying it forward.

In all forms of avenues, whether online or face to face events across the countries, she is very passionate in showcasing Philippine homegrown coffee to the world.

In the words of St. Marie Eugenie, “Love places us at the service of God”, Ros spreads that love to those who have entrepreneurial dream, face challenges heads on and celebrate moments of AChievement and wins.

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