By Frieda Sawit

A small band of AC sisters in London came together for a quiet and simple celebration marking the Feast of the Assumption. 

We commemorated the day at the Chapel of the Assumption,  opening with an enlightening talk on the meaning of “The Assumption” by Fr Francis Cruz of the Vincentian order, heartily followed by the singing of Assumpta Est Maria and the Assumption School Anthem. 

A gracious speech by Mrs Louie Barcelon-Locsin, wife of Philippine ambassador to the UK, Ted Locsin, reminded us all of our Assumpta legacy, ties which bind us forever, transcending time and beyond oceans far and wide.
We are together and keeping the Assumption spirit alive! Dinner around the corner at The Ivy.
Good evening fellow Assumptionistas:

Today, August 15th, we gather to celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. Assumption convents and schools the world over are celebrating this special day. Proud Assumptionistas find themselves drawn back to the halls where we forged friendships that have endured the test of time and learned some unusual things like how to curtsey and be ladylike but at the same time play rough games like War Ball and Bataille. It is a day of recollection and renewal of the bonds we formed in school.

Assumption has always observed tradition. Tradition passed down from our mothers and for some of us, grandmothers. It signifies more than the mere passage of time. It represents a legacy of unity across time and space among women who shared an educational experience, the lessons that have stood us all in good stead throughout life. Regardless of how many years have passed since we wore the red checkered skirt, white blouse, and oddly short and funny-looking tie and entered those classrooms, we stay the same: a solid, strong community of women—so different yet so much alike in that one outstanding respect: we are Assumption.

So, as we honour together the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, let us remember the Assumption education that gave us our long friendships and outstanding quality as Assumptionistas—past, present and forever. 

Thank you.

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