by Jenny Silayan

We are all familiar with the fundraising statement, “For the benefit of the Assumption Mission Schools”, but who knows exactly how many mission schools we currently have?  And who they  are?  How do they bring so much good to so many people throughout the country?

The AAA held it’s first Info-Session last May 3, inviting celebrating Jewels of this year and  alumnae to get to know more about the advocacies we have been passionately advocating for throughout the years.

In the video shown to the group and which we share with you below, we will learn more about our AC Beneficiaries from no less than Old Girls who serve in these institutions.    Bubut Neri ofCollege 1977, Lay Co-executive Director of the MEI  (Marie Eugenie Institute)  from 2010-2023. Gamay Solis, program head of AMA (Associate Missionaries of the Philippines) and elementary school graduate of Assumption Socio-Educational Center in Bario Obrero.  Marianne Magsaysay-Pratte of Herran Batch 1972, president of MRMF. We had no less than  Sr. Lerma Pangantihon, our Provincial Superior of the Religious of the Assumption for the Asia-Pacific province adding her voice, wisdom and passion too for our Assumption Beneficiaries.

There were many aha! moments when viewers would say “Oh, that’s what it is.  Now I understand.”  And in understanding, we hope to inspire even more passion for our Assumption Beneficiaries.

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