’99 Achieve Define

One year to go until our Velada, we reflect on how we define “achieve”, based on our lives through the years.

Batch 1999, back in 1999. 153 high school girls, ready to face what the world has to offer.

Our batch has been imagining what October 2024 will be like for us since 2018. We have definitely been looking forward to our Velada, and choosing a batch name was not easy. We wanted the name to reflect who we are as a batch at this point in our lives, while paying homage to our shared history.

Reflecting on our class motto, “Live in Faith, Serve with Passion, Grow in Love,” made us realize that we have been on this journey for twenty-four years since we graduated from high school. By living in faith, serving with passion, and growing in love, we have overcome challenges and roadblocks, and we have turned them into small victories and milestones – none of which would have been possible without our Assumption education and family. That is why we are called AChieve.

AChieve Logo is designed by Ria Henares Garret. From the Assumption School Song, gold, white and blue are fused, the plaid ribbon, as AC high school graduates of 1999, symbolizes achievement, milestones and even small wins.

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