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Assumption Day Mass

While the Assumption Alumnae Association of BC (AAABC) was organized with the purpose of hosting the 1999 triennial reunion of the Assumption Alumnae Association of North America, AAABC has evolved into a supportive social and networking group for our members, all of whom are immigrants to Canada.

For the past 26 years, AAABC has organized activities aimed at accomplishing the goals outlined in the Assumption Alumnae Association’s mission statement.

“To strengthen community with fellow alumnae and their families as well as friends of the Assumption”.  Our annual summer picnics, Assumption Day lunches/dinners, and Christmas parties are joyous occasions for catching up and indulging in homemade delicacies beloved by Assumptionistas (one of our members makes Assumption tarts for these events). Additionally, AAABC has had the privilege of hosting two triennial reunions in Vancouver, one in 1999 and another in 2011.

Lenten recollection

“To assist in the continuing spiritual growth, maturity and personal development of our alumnae”. AAABC hosts annual Lenten recollections, Assumption Day masses and group rosaries aimed at uplifting our members and their families for our shared intentions. Notably, alumnae of the Sacred Heart Canossian College of Hongkong, whose members are Chinese ladies from Hongkong joined AAABC sponsored recollection and talks on Our Lady of Fatima and Medjugorje, thereby expanding the reach of our apostolic work.

“To live “Assumption Together” where the lay and religious share resources and talents and collaborates in promoting the teachings of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus for the transformation of society.” We actively fundraise and contribute to various Assumption missions, causes in the Philippines and the greater Vancouver area, and more recently, in Ukraine and Thailand. We are currently assembling a team of alumnae to provide meals at a soup kitchen catering to the homeless in Vancouver’s downtown east side.

By wholeheartedly embracing AAA’s mission statement, AAABC transcends its role as a mere alumnae association. We strive to exemplify unity, compassion, and purpose. Our journey, ignited by a reunion has grown into a united effort for positive change, embracing our shared heritage and dedication to improving the world in our small way.

Summer picnic
Christmas party



Use of Donation: 

San Juan Nepomuceno (Assumption Malibay)

30 computers and computer desks


Bookshelves and Books for in-classroom libraries for Grs. 4-7


Water Filtration System


Community Pantry

Xavier de Kibangay (Assumption Bukidnon)

20 computers


Salary of Computer Teacher for 13 months


Equiipment for Culinary Program

Assumpta Technical School (Assumption San Simon) 

Tuition for Indigent Students

Parishes in Negros Occ. (in partnership with 

10 generators

AAA Bacolod)


AAA Manila

Assistance to Taal Volcano Evacuees

Assumption Lithuania

Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees

St. John’s School – Thabom (in partnership with

Sponsorship of 2 Jr. HS students



Tanging Yaman

Relief goods for victims of Typhoons Rolly, Odette & Yolanda

Covid Relief Program (in partnership with 

Weekly stipend to Filipino families for 3 months

Resilience Program Vancouver)


Resilience Program Vancouver

Meals for Reunion of Participants (at risk Filipino teens)

KAMP (Kababayan Academic Mentoring Program)

Sponsorship of at-risk Filipino teens to attend leadership training camp.

Filipino Ministry – Archdiocese of Vancouver

Merienda for the Matthew 7.7 Prayer Brigade

The Door Is Open

Clothing for Homeless in Vancouver Downtown Eastside


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