Alumna in Focus: Pam De Arte

Fluid strokes of paint, Expressions of art divine,  Heartfelt emotions

By Joanna Tayengco Infante

Fluid strokes of paint
Expressions of art divine
Heartfelt emotions

Pamie in the Mother House in Paris on her Birthday. “In each mass, this notebook is presented during offertory. Then there is a bowl of St. MME sayings and you pick one. This was my birthday gift to myself to be with her.”

When I was set out to do this interview, I felt most intimidated by the fact that the task in front of me was about a friend. A friend who I have known pretty much since High School and decades later continue to learn from in a different light.

In a way, I share Pamie’s passion for art in the manner of which my words are the colour of her palette. I notice her sense for bold colours but also awe at how gentle her strokes can be. She strikes as very “no none sense” and “get to the point” but her talent speaks volumes of patience.

As I do this “Zoom” interview, I get a tour of her home via the paintings she has. I am a proud owner of a watercolour piece she made for me in the time of COVID. All I did was post my special moments on social media that had my love for Peonies and voila! I received a special delivery one day. My very own masterpiece! I am convinced that Pamie creates at a time when her feelings are evoked then expressed. There are no themes. Everything has a personal meaning. She also shared a travel notebook in our meeting. How inspiring and refreshing it was to see her trip to Canne via her diary . Personally done in the most impeccable way…through an artists eye. As she flipped through the pages I asked her to stop in a few of them that struck me. It was too beautiful to pass. What an inspiring way to re-live travels visually. How much more memorable can that get. I am not a huge art lover but I’d like to think that I know enough to appreciate true talent.

The original Painting at the Mother House in Paris…these are Pamies own words: “that the highlight of my artistic endeavour is seeing my painting of SME hanging in the library at the Mother House in Paris is one of my proudest moments (pic attached with Sr. Veronique, Head Archivist)"
Pamie in the Mother House in Paris on her Birthday.  “In each mass, this notebook is presented during offertory.  Then there is a bowl of St. MME sayings and you pick one. This was my birthday gift to myself to be with her.”

She now resides in Australia and is in the exact opposite of where I live. Starting this interview from Up North to Down Under is truly a reward for me rather than a task.

Though Pamie lives away from Manila, she is very patriotic about her subjects and her depiction of them. It can be a flower, a fruit, a beloved pet or family member, they are Philippine inspired. Artfully patriotic as well.

Her instinct to paint was born during high school at the Assumption. It was basic curiosity and the willingness to take her personal feelings on to paper and canvass for this journey. This is certainly a road worth taking. Her list of accolades are a lengthy testament of her multiverse talents. I am not going to venture there because I am taking this task as a personal moment to know Pamie even more than than what I already know. I have read many biographies of artists but to know one personally just takes it to a different level.

Missionaries of the Poor kids

This to me is Pamie. Her art is not out there to be “critiqued”. She does not care what others may think about her impressions but she does want to come across as reliable, honest and sincere through her mediums. There are no embellishments or branding, it’s always about authenticity. During our Ruby Velada, Pamie and another dear classmate Cindy Herbosa Encarnacion created an MME Ornament. Not only was it original but you could feel the personal care and commitment poured into its fruition. Without question, the International portion of our batch felt it would be a beautiful homage to our beloved school and Mother Foundress Saint Marie Eugenie. It has now evolved to being bedside, travel and altar companions.

For those who have iBooks (Apple) Pamie's book is now available for FREE! Search: “Pet Portrait Gallery 2021”... Click the photo

Such is Pamie…ever evolving, constantly acknowledging change and making a difference. So I was drawn in pursuit of seeing Pamie post all other interviews already done on her. All I saw and heard that day is a reflection of her continued love and devotion to art. She has found a marriage of academics and art. There is where she is relaxed, passionate and most comfortable. I have also been blessed to know Pamie’s charitable side. Her sense of advocacy is two pronged. Creation and Faith. She is propelled to paint what she feels can gain for the less fortunate. Her Pet Portrait Project, used to support children with Cerebral Palsy. It now currently supports the nuns her mother advocates for, Sisters of the Morning Star in Pansol, Laguna. As she mentions this to me I am even more convinced that Pamie’s heart and soul take a front seat when her desire to create takes over. Truly Saint Marie Eugenie knew to guide her and express all that through art. Inspired by faith!

I want to thank Pamie for the almost two and a bit hours we were “Zooming”. We belong to a very tight, loving batch and section. There will always be time to discover everyone we studied with or bumped into the hallways of our Alma Mater, but I do believe in Serendipity. To come full circle as a writer, friend and fan, Pamie has certainly rounded off a journey I have least taken. My dearest Pamie…to more years of your amazing craft and passion! There is so much more we are all blessed to see from you. I cannot imagine your heart being far away from all that you create. It is always an extension of you. I can’t wait to see what’s next on your drawing board.

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