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What a jampacked Quarter 4! In October, after months of rehearsals, reliving high school memories and cementing tighter bonds of friendships, Jubilarians headed by our hosts, the Silvers of HS 1998, donned the familiar red plaid for Old Girls Day Mass then took to the stage in gemstone signature colors and danced and sang their hearts away! I was one of the Ruby jubilarians and I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms! I miss my classmates. I miss the heady dancing and the rigorous exercise. I miss the delicious food spreads and the high volume, a mile a minute chatter that only a group of Assumption women can generate! I came home not only to my alma mater.  I came home also to longtime friends, the best you can have, because as a very astute friend said: “You can’t grow old friends!”

November was no less frenetic. After 4 years of laying low, the AAA has brought back so many beloved traditions. On its 25th iteration, the AAA Bazaar opened its doors to a record 5,500 shoppers. We had 126 vendors, also a record, all of whom are raving about the arrangements, the foot traffic, the sales…and are ready to sign up for our next bazaar! There are even requests for a mid-year bazaar!

Making another comeback is our AAA Quarterly Lunch. First instituted under the AAA Presidency of Milette Ocampo, the quarterly lunch is an opportunity for fellowship that many alumnae look forward to. Our keynote speaker was the renown Fr. Jocis Syquia, Director of the Office of Exorcism of the Archdiocese of Manila. Exorcist! Immediately, frightening images of the 360 rotating head in the Exorcist movie come to mind, and fear strikes the heart. But Fr Jocis’ talk on defending our family and loved ones against spiritual attack is actually very hopeful. We learned that we are not defenseless, that we have tools and prayers of deliverance and sacramentals to help protect us according to the doctrines of our faith. But over and above the blessed salts, water, bells, sacramentals that Fr Jocis blessed after his talk, our most important protection is our faith and our relationship with God. Since Fr Jocis’ talk, I have been immersed in the pages of Father’s many books, very riveting and eye-opening reading.

Class photo before trooping off to MRA for Velada!
Section 4! Group hug!
Behind the Scenes: Last minute rehearsals in our waiting room in Paradiso Hall, right before Velada!
Our balikbayans, who learned the steps through tutorial videos… came ready to dance!

A first for the AAA, AAA Club-bing launched the Outreach Club. Alumnae “teachers” went to San Juan Nepomuceno Malibay to teach English Familiarization to grades 4-6 studensts aging from 9 – 12 years old. My students are 24 year old Vietnamese postulants, Misses Nga and Nguyen who are so charming in their hunger to learn and admirable for their depth of insight.

We voted in new AAA trustees for 2024! I wish them the very best and hope that they find the same fulfillment I have found in AAA. It’s busy and sometimes 24 hours are not enough. But the work is happy and the recipients, our transformative schools of education, are truly worthy. A bonus is getting to meet and collaborate with so many  alumane…all so dynamic, all so passionate!   So we work and make our corner of the world a better one.

Christmas is around the corner…my favorite time of the year. I really look forward to sending out gifts and am dismayed about suggestions that we forego giving gifts this Christmas. I like giving gifts. They are expressions of my appreciation and gratitude for having wonderful people in my life. I personally think that we should show appreciation more, because in a world where there is so much hate, war, anger, any expression of thanks and love is a little candle in the wind, a light that refuses to die despite the many sad and dark things happening around us. So give a gift, make someone smile. It need not be expensive, it only needs to be honest and given from the heart.

EMMANUEL…God with us! Now more than ever, we need God in our lives. My wish for you this Christmas is that you pause and take time and listen to the silence in your heart. It is in the silence that God speaks to us loudest.

Happy Christmas to you and your families! And may 2024 be filled with all those you hold most dear!

All Hail!

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