By:  Malou Dulce-Betco, HS 84

Russian political theorist, Leon Trotsky, once said, “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.”  We spoke to three Ruby Jubilarians who have discovered a talent and passion for the arts — not just as a mirror to society, but as an expression of what it means to be a Woman of Faith and an instrument to make the world a better place in their own little way.

HS 84

Art comes in many shapes and forms — and for Acie, it came in the form of makeup.  She was already in her 40’s when she found herself moving back to Manila and looking for a way to express her love and passion for makeup.  She found this in a French school of makeup artistry called Maquillage Professionel.  “Makeup Artistry is a creative field that makes women feel confident in their own beauty through color.  Being a freelance artist appealed to me since I was looking for something that could allow me to work on flexible days and hours without the 9-to-5 grind of a corporate job.”

Mika Singson Camara, glowing radiantly on her wedding day. Makeup by Acie Fores.
Another beautiful bride made up by Acie.

After 12 years in this field, Acie has found a sense of fulfillment in this form of art.  “A simple application of a liner, a little blush, and concealing imperfections to bring out the confidence and to transform  the beauty of a woman makes it rewarding for me.  I point out that any beauty flaw is nothing to be ashamed of. I bring out the positive aspects of their faces to make them feel powerful and beautiful no matter their facial features.  When I see them smile after a makeup session, that is very rewarding to me.”

In the course of her work, Acie has worked with countless brides — and for her, every last wedding she does is the most memorable project for her.  “Every bride is different and beautiful on her wedding day as she exudes joy, love and happiness as she embarks on a new chapter of her life.  Creating a flawless look that complements her skin tone and facial features and transforming her dream into reality is what fulfills and validates my artistry.”

When asked about beauty tips, Acie readily shared “Less is more.  Always blend your makeup application to make it look seamless and part of your skin.  Never be afraid to use new techniques and colors when applying makeup.  Don’t get stuck in a rut or time warp, it’s just makeup.  Remove it and start all over again.  Never be afraid to play!” 


Less is more! Make-up artistry by Acie.
Acie at work!

Makeup artistry has also helped Acie in her journey to become a “Woman of Faith, a Woman of Action”.  She begins each makeup session with a short prayer which enables her to be calm, patient and respectful of each woman’s individual’s preferences.  “I learn from their stories.  I take their words of kindness and encouragement with me when I leave them.  It leaves me feeling confident that I have positively contributed to their self-esteem in my small way.  These actions translate into a sense of purpose and fulfillment for me and hopefully make a tangible impact on others.”

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