By:  Malou Dulce-Betco, HS 84

“Love never says, ‘I have done enough.’  This is one of the quotes from St. Marie Eugenie that every Assumption girl knows by heart.  But while we all know how it feels to love without limits, the wayS we express this love is also vast and varied.  Let’s hear from our Ruby Jubilarians talk about their favorite Love Language.  

COOKING…that is my current Love Language.


Honestly, I never really cooked before — not because I did not know how,  but mainly because I really did not have to. It started in 2016 when I was frequently in the US with my now husband, Scott. First, we had to eat, and you can only take and spend so much on eating out. Second, Scott craved Filipino food like adobo and beef nilaga. I had big shoes to fill because his late mom was a good cook. 

But, competitive me took on the challenge and found cooking enjoyable and very therapeutic And for sure, all of you are thinking that I used the route of the way to man’s heart is through his stomach! My adobo, binagoongan and sinigang became hits that family and friends requested for it all the time. Poor Scott, he had to eat the same dishes in like three different states/homes in a span of two weeks when we would fly here in the US. Now that we permanently live here, I always cook a dish or the entire spread for gatherings



This 2024, the love language of cooking has evolved to an extensive menu selection and more people as I have started accepting party tray orders. Cooking has replaced the tweetums Ziggy cards and stuffed Garfields of my youth. It gives me so much joy and fulfillment to share this gift and be appreciated in return.

Those who truly know me understand that my Love Language is rooted in ACTS OF SERVICE.


Dada Dayrit Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sibling, Prayer Warrior. Done with Corporate Business. Been there. Done that.

I am, by nature, a person who finds fulfillment in serving others. When I love someone, there are no limits to what I would do for them — and fatigue, anger, or bitterness take a back seat.

Reflecting on my childhood, my mother used to say that anything she asked of me, I would willingly do. Whether it was serving guests, running errands, or accompanying my mom to the market when my dad couldn’t, I eagerly took on these responsibilities.

The act of serving others feels innate to me. Even in social gatherings, I find myself instinctively gravitating towards the kitchen, checking if there’s anything that needs attention—cooking, setting up tables, or ensuring the buffet is in order. It’s second nature for me to make sure every dish is replenished for the guests’ enjoyment.


Upon leaving the corporate world, my family and I opted for a simpler home life, devoid of household help or a driver. I took on various roles, from preparing meals and driving my children to school in different locations to handling laundry and grocery shopping. While I might not express my love with words as frequently, I demonstrate my love and care through my actions. Being there for others when they need me, without complaint, embodies my understanding of love. To me, love is about selflessly giving and serving others wholeheartedly.

Cheesy as it may sound, I would say WORDS, TIME, TOUCH, SERVICE and GIRTS are all part of my Love Language… but, I say this only with utmost sincerity.


Life has taught me that life is short and uncertain — so you must cherish those that are close and dear and you must give your all in everything that you do.  With that said, I want to give only my bestest effort in everything for the Lord and for others. Happy Valentines to all!

Monica Ricafort - Climaco Mother, Daughter, Businesswoman, Cancer Warrior

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