HS 1969/ COLLEGE 1973

By Ana de Villa – Singson

Nena, AAA’s longtime treasurer, is fondly called “Cousin Nena” by everyone in the BoardShe is cousin to many due to the vast network of the Feria clan that she belongs toAnd, if you  are not somehow related to her by consanguinity, you will still call her cousin because of her cheerful, ever-smiling, easy-going affable nature. I called her cousin within a few months of knowing her!  

Nena handled the finances of AAA as Treasurer for as long as I can remember.  Steady and dependable, she is not one to make a fuss nor much noise,  but nonetheless had a deep understanding of AAA’s coffers and finances. When I would consult her on budget spending for the website or for AAA Club-bing or for our data baseNena would respond 

“Cousin” Nena Feria Fule…everyone’s friend and longtime AAA treasurer.

with complete trust and respect: “ You know your budget, Ana. You spend it as you see fit.”  

Nena (Standing left), with the rest of the AAA Board in 2023.
Nena (R), manning the Credit Card facility during our AAA 2-day bazaar in November 2023. With her is AC President Ola Regala.

Deeply religious, Nena would attend daily rosary with her batch, HS 1969/ College 1973Never one to trumpet her faith practices (or anything at all…yes, Nena is humble too!), I only found out about her daily devotion when I asked her to do the opening prayers for our AAA Club-bing’s cooking and craft activitiesShe would open our sessions, with assiduous preparation, begging off only when the schedule would coincide with her daily rosariesWhen she heard of any relative or friend’s illness or misfortune, she would offer up prayer intentions for them through her daily rosary devotionI was comforted many times by Nena’s prayers, once when I fell on my back causing permanent spinal deformity ( I am a PWD now!), another time when my brother passed away too young, too soon, too unexpectedEach time, it was a comfort to know that there were prayers to cushion the blows and aches and painsAnd Nena’s prayer intentions comforted many she was generous in including prayers for anyone who needed them.

Nena, in themed Hawaiian getup, saying her good-bye speech at the AAA Christmas party. Saying good-bye is never easy, especially if it’s Nena we are saying adieu to.

In our AAA Christmas party, during which we said good-bye to the trustees who had finished their term and would be leaving us, Nena gave a short but poignant good-bye speechShe said that she loves Assumption and that because of this she served in the AAA as best as she could and that always, always she would be ready to helpShe was a bit teary-eyed by the end of it and others in the room were tooHer love for Assumption is palpable AND  proven by her service in AAA and in the way she lives…treating everyone as a beloved cousin and with prayerful best wishes for allNena, we will all miss you! Thank you for your many years of service!

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