HS 1993

By Ana de Villa – Singson

When Jenny joined the AAA, the Faith and Spirituality Committee which she headed, became a busy hive of activity. Previously, we would have quarterly AAA masses for our Dearly Departed and some retreats. But under Jenny’s watch, Faith and Spirituality enjoyed what is comparable to a renaissance period.

Suddenly and very happily, we had retreats galore, Kuwentuhan sessions with the nuns, global rosaries, a Saint Marie Eugenie series plus plus. Suddenly, I found myself plunged into the world of prayer and prayerful meditation…and I loved it! And I am sure that hundred of other alumnae enjoyed deeper and more meaningful prayer with the wide menu of activities that Jenny put on offer. A perfectionist through and through, Jenny was not happy with just having a whole menu of prayerful event.  Each event  had to be telecast with aplomb and with technical precision as well. We would see Jenny behind the scenes, manning 2-3 computers simultaneously, meticulously staging the backroom.  She is tech savy born of familiarly with Zoom-ing the many prayer meetings she hosts. 

Here’s toasting you, Jenny! Thank you for everything! We miss you already!


When not advocating for prayer, Jenny busies herself with her thriving and very yummy business…Sugarbee! She makes the best chocolate cake in town with pillowy soft chiffon topped with indulgently thick, creamy choco caramel frosting flecked with flakes of pink Himalayan salt. Her choco caramel cake is my go – to cake  and I usually have a box ready for emergency occasions when you need to whip out something for unexpected guests. During Jenny’s watch, our meetings always ended on a sweet note. She would bring cupcakes , alfajores, ( I would gobble up the mini alfajores and spirit away any extras as my take home bundle!), chocolate cake and meringue swirls. Because of Jenny, our souls were uplifted in prayer and our tummies were replete and happy too!

Jenny with Chef Buddy Trinidad and Ana de Villa-Singson at the AAA Cooking and Baking Club’s Master Class on French Macarons!

Jenny was always generous with her help. She helped me launch the AAA Cooking Club with an all-star cast of master chefs.  She invited some of her chef friends, Sandy Daza, Buddy Garcia, Sau del Rosario who gamely taught us so many yummy delights and delicacies. When help was needed, Jenny would be there, solidly contributing and supportive through and through, but always quietly, even a bit shyly. I have been nagging her to take center stage for a cooking class but Jenny prefers to orchestrate from behind the scenes. It’s still my goal though, so Jenny…get ready…time to host your first alumnae cooking class ever!

Jenny, our behind the schemes tech wiz. Seen here manning the zoom backroom for the first face to face Batch Reps meeting after the pandemic
Jenny (right) proudly showing off the square she crochet in AAA Club-bing’s Crafts Club.

We will all miss Jenny! But one thing I am certain of. Her term in AAA may be done and her leadership of the Faith and Spirituality Committee may be ended, but her role of bringing people closer to prayer is one that will continue in other capacities, in many other ways. Because that’s Jenny, self-effacing and quiet but driven through and through when it comes to what she believes in the most.

Thank you so so much Jenny!

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