HS 1979 / COLLEGE 1983

By Carmella Gana – Araullo

Cyn was our ever-faithful representative for the Association of Foundations.  For 6 years, she dutifully joined annual meetings and vetted companies for them.  She is a person who is so prayerful that she was a great addition to the F&S committee.  In fact, she was a great addition to all committees, always a great side kick, always ready to help.  Her famous line is “just make me utos”.  And once she says yes, you can be assured that she will pull through for you.  She was also a voice of reason especially when it came to knowledge of schools and when she gives her point of view, it always makes sense. We could always trust her to find nominees to run for the BOT with her wide

Cynthia, in blue!Cynthia, in blue!

reach of alumnae. She actually nominated our youngest BOT (batch 2006) to date!

Her parting gift to the community were the games in our last Christmas party and it was the perfect day to end our activity filled year with so much fun and laughter. We will miss you Cyn, we know you will always be just a phone call away.

Thank you for your years of service and loyal dedication and hard work, you were an incredible trustee, mentor and friend.

Cynthia ( first row, right), with her colleagues in CLAY (Community of Lay Assumption)
At an AAA Christmas party. Cynthia (in Santa cap, standing, 3rd row left)

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