By Ana de Villa – Singson



Pilar and I first  worked together in MagnificART, AAA’s online auction and most successful fundraiser to date.  When I was charged with MagnificART in 2020, Pilar was top on my list among those whom I wanted in the team.  And why not?  She had just co-headed the most successful golf tournament the year before.  Little did I know that our working relationship would blossom into a good and dear friendship as we spent night after night uploading photos of the various art, jewelry, religious and home pieces for  the auction. 

Several nights, we would start looking fresh and snappy at around 9 pm and work till we were frazzled and bleary during the wee hours of 4 a.m.  Both night owls, it was not unusual for us to be texting at 2 a.m.  That’s how hard working Pilar is!  She surprised us too because she turned out to be an adroit “techie”.  Saying she didn’t know anything about backroom auction technology, she quickly learned and became one of the 3 key uploaders and backroom technical stalwarts of the auction.

Pilar’s work ethic of intensity and attention to detail were once again on exhibit in the recently-concluded first ever AAA Online Election. When registrations far outpaced expectations, Pilar rolled up her sleeves and took charge of double checking and aligning registrations with payments and generating the final voters list.  Anecdotally, even on her birthday, Pilar joined election-related meetings and was worried about her backlog! Truly, that’s dedication to duty to the highest degree!

Pilar is also known as a fearless voice in the Board.  She would bravely voice out what some  were uncomfortable saying and was unafraid to question the norm, all the while maintaining such a voice of reason that made everyone in the Board listen and ponder.  She would shine the light on aspects of an issue that others had overlooked and was unafraid to voice an alternative point of view.  Her ability to catalyze deep examination of all sides of an issue is one that will certainly be missed.

Outside the Board, Pilar runs Essential Fine Foods, a thriving food business whose bangers, hams, salmon, gindara et al supplies top restaurants and online shopping sites.  That she could give so much time to AAA while running her business is testament to her skilled organization!

Pilar, thank you for giving so generously of your time, talents and resources to AAA.  We will miss you!

As for me, I found a friend…and that is priceless!

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