HS ’81 Hearts of plaid mobilize to aid typhoon Odette victims!

2 Replies to “HS ’81 Hearts of plaid mobilize to aid typhoon Odette victims!”

  1. Popsie Gamboa

    Thank you for featuring our Typhoon Odette relief efforts 😊. With our story, we hope to be able to inspire others to help those who have less in life and prove that “a little becomes much” when we all work together. Grateful to my HS81 batch who have heeded our call to action 😊

    • Ana Singson

      Dearest Popsie, Thank YOU for so quickly responding to my request for you to please write this piece. And you wrote it as soon as you had landed from Dumaguete. Thank you, thank you. As I had told you, this was such a wake up call for me to emulate, in some form, the generosity of your batch. Like you, I hope this story reaches many and inspires others to help the so many people who need help. Thank you for answering the call and showing us how the heart of plaid can mobilize and act with such compassion. Kudos to you and your batch!

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