Ode to Antonio P. Gana by Carmella Gana Araullo

by Carmella Gana Araullo

Growing up being the youngest of 5 children, 4 of us being girls, one can say that we were all, well, daddy’s little girls.  All of us believing we were the “favorite” one but knowing in our hearts that we were all so very special in our own little ways. 

He was the cool one.  Teaching me the ways of the world, arming me with tools to survive (think shooting as my sport), making me drive the car at 11 years of age, and not once did he look panicked when the car would die on me (it only happened once)!

I was his happy hour partner every night before dinner.  He would pour 2 glasses all the time and we would enjoy our drink together while watching TV, sometimes never even speaking.

He was the one who taught me to love the beach and never once stopped me from staying under the sun the whole day.

He was my constant text-er when it first came out in 1994 and he would call me to teach him how to reply.  His text was always, “I.LOVE.YOU!” Him not knowing how to do the spaces yet.

My friends loved hanging out in my house, to my dismay, because of him, the bar was always open to any of them.  But suitors beware for they may catch him tinkering with his numerous guns while they visit.

Dad was always fair, always so gallant and debonaire.  I would get flowers on Valentine’s Day only to realize it was from him, he was my first Valentine and my first and forever love, my idol and my silent cheerleader.

So Cheers in heaven to you, Dad.  Love from your favorite!

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