by Chin Bautista

Baguio has a special place in my heart. I am now sharing that fondness with my own children as we spend holy week in Baguio every year. For them, number one on their list is horseback riding in Wright Park. Growing up, I remember loving this as much as they do so an hour a day each day we’re in Baguio is acceptable. Wright Park has not changed. Maybe it’s just a little more organized but the offerings are the same. An hour, half an hour. With guide, without guide. Within the park or a trip to Marlboro Country, etc. For those who do not like to go in circles may opt to try the horseback riding inside Camp John Hay which offers more trail rides.

Number one on the adult’s list is eating. Over the years, Baguio’s gastronomic choices has increased. During our last trip, here are some of the new places we tried:

1. Foggy Mountain Cookhouse by Marianito “Chef Babes” Reyes – Mediterranean cuisine at its best

2. Bistro Lokal by Chef Miko – their version of Filipino dishes is definitely worth trying

3. Hatch Coffee – known as one of the hippest coffee places in the city. Aside from the vibe, coffee, snacks and dessert in this place are noteworthy too

And the not so new:
4. Chef’s Home – first tried this place in 2018. Still good!

5. Chaya Baguio – who wouldn’t enjoy Japanese food with the freshest vegetables?!

6. Lemon and Olives – not on our list this year just because we knew lines would be very long

And the classics that can’t be missed every time we’re in Baguio:
7. Hamada – always a hit with the kids!

8. Mario’s – still yummy!

9. Le Chef at the Manor – Baguio weather + souffle = perfection

Aside from places that please the tummy, there are also places that please the eye:
1. Bencab Museum – a collection of Filipino art.
2. Botanical Gardens – on my list for summer of 2023 😊

“I love this place!” What warrants such a statement? For me? A place my kids, my husband and I love going to – unanimously!

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