The Farm at San Benito, Batangas is one of my favorite places.  I go there to recharge,  relax and to refresh my spirits from its wellspring of lush foliage, healthy culinary fare and the best massage treatments. My husband and I try to go there  once a year  to lounge, laze and dine and recently, we took our sons Manuel and Gabriel to try its healthy yet soul-filling fare.

The Farm is unlike other resort spas.  Set in 48 hectares of thick jungle-like greens, it focuses not just on rest and relaxation which it offers in heaps and bounds but puts a premium on health and wellness as well. A recipient of over 80 international awards, its walkways are strewn with wildly growing flowers and greens and proud peacocks strut and adorable ducks waddle along the pathways with the resort’s guests.  The resort is filled with nooks and crannies which invite quiet meditation. Wellness actitivities include daily guided power walks, yoga sessions and the very unique and amazing Sound Healing Treatment. In this sound healing treatment, you are guided through different sounds which resonate with different healing properties and connections with your senses.  Noel, my sons and I spent an hour with closed eyes, listening to and interacting  with different sounds which filled us with somnolent serenity.

The many lush walkways and hidden nooks of The Farm.

The Farm’s food is also an homage to healthy cuisine.  When they started, everything was vegetarian and nothing was cooked above a certain temperature to ensure that all healthy food benefits are retained.  My favorites were carbonara with bacon bits made out of coconut which still somehow managed to taste like bacon crumbs.  I love their Caesar’s salad and  their granola and coconut vanilla cream are also heavenly, packed with almonds, walnuts, pecans, apple juice and dehydrated overnight to preserve all the healthy goodness.  As it evolved, The Farm’s menu evolved too.  When I last visited, they were soft-testing an Indian restaurant with the yummiest dahl, okra and spiced fried cauliflower.  And as a concession to those with heavier appetites, they now serve grilled  fish too…but that’s as far as they will go.  Other “meat” concessions such as burgers and pizzas are still vegetarian.  While I love the healthy fare, I was worried that my sons who have caveman appetites might not be happy.  But they loved every bit of it…and are now raring to go back!

Our villa’s pool is heated and lit up at night… perfect for relaxing warm laps at night!

Flower arrangement is also taught very morning at the Farm. This arrangement is delicately laid out leaf by leaf every morning.

Our daily highlight is our massage.  Noel and I usually enjoy the Couple’s Massage which includes being dipped in a tub filled with coconut milk and healthy aromatics.  The masseurs are what I call “Old Hands”, seasoned, soothing with smooth long strokes and applying pressure points exactly where you need them. We have tried many of the massage offerings including the steam inhalation, hilot Lakan and Lakambini, body wraps and rubs and the Massage Under the Stars.  A key tip:  Have your massage after a light meal at night..then sleep snugly throughout the night right after!

Yoga is practiced at the farm. The lush greenery inspires yoga poses!

I always leave The Farm relaxed and happy.  And I always leave resolving to go back soon!

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