Assumpta April - may 2022 Edition

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In the spirit of Easter’s redemptive inspiration, we are featuring 2 mother and child stories, both tales of faith that conquers hear-rending fears and trials. Read about Ana and her son, Manuel, and Coroy and her daughter, Cathy. Journey with them through their pain, uncertainty and then…REDEMPTION!

By Ana de Villa – Singson ( HS 1983)

…..Fast forward a few years. Manuel was in high school. At this Time, he was towering over me by over a head. He was a big, strong boy. And I felt the strength of his size when he started getting fits of rage: Big, loud, ugly fits of extreme, unbridled anger…… (click to read the full story)

By Cathy de Riza – Romero Salas ( HS 1986)

…Fast forward to 2020, I am still healing from the loss of my love , when The pandemic starts to take hold and suddenly, my world is again rocked by fear! I will always remember the promises I made to Papa Dios, as I Fervently prayed for HIm to save my mom’s life…. (Click to read the full story)


MOTHERS…they are the unsung heroes that make the world go around. They are the first breath of life, the shapers of our minds and hearts, the models we aspire to become, our loudest cheerleaders and the last one standing when all else fails you. She is the heart of the home, the calm before the
storm, the bedrock through trials and tribulations. And no matter how old we become, it is her counsel that we seek, her touch that cradles us back to halcyon days of youth. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take “ (— Cardinal Mermillod).

On Mother’s Day, we pay tribute to our mothers. We opened up our space for alumnae to tell their mothers how very special they are. These odes are in words of love and gifts from the heart.

Rosario Divino

Ode by Alita Divino (HS’70) to her mom, Rosario Divino “She may not remember who you are but Emotions do.”

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Menchu Bautista

Ode by Sabrina Panlilio (College ‘77) to her mom, Menchu Bautista. “Love is the one thing you never ran out of.”

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Eugenia Paez Ampil

Ode by Patty AMPIL (HS’70) to her mom, Eugenia Paz Ampil. “Mama no other word can give me comfort.”

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Lita Lozano Corpus

Ode by Cynthia Corpuz PANGILINAN (HS’70) To her mom, Lita Lorenzo Corpus “I will continue to celebrate the gift that God gave Me….: You, my loving and admirable mother.”

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Thelma Gana

Ode by Carmella Gana – Araullo (HS 86) to her mom,

Thelma Gana.

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Gladys Santiago Zafra

Ode by the young sons of Gladys Zafra

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Pets need Mamas too. They need love and care which they return a thousand fold. Many studies
affirm that having a pet has positive psychological and physiological benefits such as calming a person,
releasing happy hormones. Loving and being loved back itself is a great reward. Meet some PET MAMAS…moms who shower love on their little adorable tikes who, with their funny antics, bring much
joy and laughter to their PET MAMA’S lives.
Meet the adorable fur babies and the Mamas who watch out for them.

Philippine Elections

Preface by Ana de Villa Singson

Responses Collated by the Trustees of the AAA Board and the AAA Website Committee

Cloud diagram generated by Gladys Santiago – Zafra through Mentimeter

In the run-up to this year’s presidential and national elections, we asked fellow alumnae, their friends and family to list the 5 top characteristics our next Philippine president should have. …. (Click to read the full story)

By Ana de Villa – Singson


Club-bbing!  The fun, fun, way to meet up with old friends, make new ones while learning something excitingly new, was off to a roaring start in April!


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By Ana de Villa – Singson

In a black tank and a sequined all the way silver bell bottom pants…I knew right away that this was going to be fun, fun, fun!


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MAY 9.  In a few days we will trek to the polls. We will vote. In the intervening days before May 9, there is time to discern, to reflect so that we vote in an informed and educated way. 

By Ana de Villa – Singson

Reflecting...Walking with st. marie eugenie volume 6

by Charo Nieto Climente | HS 1969

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